You Can Thank These 8 Games for the PS4's Dominance

Greysun M writes "The PlayStation 4 has been out and in the wild for almost five years now, and it continues to dominate the gaming industry. But the hardware owes its success to the games that it plays more than anything. Here are the 8 games that made the difference."

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coffeemaster41d ago

I still need to finish Persona 5 hehe

Skull52141d ago

You can attribute the dominance by having a more powerful system at a cheaper price point at the start of the generation.

bigmalky41d ago

Skull, you can contribute part of that to Xbox users jumping ship after the Kinect 2.0, NSA and DRM scandal of the One launch. Then afterwards, the people who jumped ship when they realised there were very few special exclusives coming.

Sony is successful for a good reason, they cater to gamers first and foremost.

Eonjay41d ago


What are you talking about even switch the xbox

StormSnooper41d ago

Mostly because of games. Sony makes great games. Period. No PR talk can take the place of exclusives.

mkis00741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Skull. Correct cheaper price point but more power. But if you think the games have little to do with it you are crazy. These are games that have sold or will sell 10 million plus.

Godmars29041d ago

He did say at the start of the gen. When the XB1s and XBX did't exist and the XB1 was crippled by Kinect. And still, a point of the article is that the XBX is crippled by lack of exclusives. That system power is less than games for a system.

bouzebbal40d ago

Dragon QUEST 11 and Fifa franchise should be there as well.

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Daisysnow 41d ago

Same!! I got distracted and didn’t finish. Still a great game!

rainslacker41d ago

I'm afraid to start it given how much time I put into P4G. P4G was fine to spend so much time on, because it was on the Vita, and didn't take away from my home playing time, but for now, my home backlog is too big.:(

Shubhendu_Singh40d ago

Just bought it some days ago.
Only 3 hours in and I am already in love with the game. To think game hasn't even opened up all the features to me. People were so right about about this game.

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PhoenixUp41d ago

You can never go wrong with PlayStation

UCForce41d ago

There are more games than Knack.

StormSnooper41d ago

It’s been consistently the best electronic purchase I’ve made for the past what like 3 generations, how many years is that?? Nothing comes close. Nothing.

InKnight7s41d ago

So you are chocing to point at PS4 for Knack? That's mean you have no idea about gaming and ignorant. PS was always for unique Adventure game, AAAs and RPGs as example : Legend of Dragoon, FF, MGS, GT, Ico, Uncharted, Yakuza, Persona, Quantom Dream, KH, GOW, Infamous etc.

Not to mention new IPs such as The Order TLoU, HZD, DC, Gravity Rush,etc

Knack 2 was also good. So yeah pick Knack and Killzone SF if that make you happy.

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

What about it? Knack was a fun game.

I see what you're trying to do though.

Let see....ummm....Recore?

badz14941d ago

Knack is a good bite size adventure game you can play whenever you like. I enjoy them both and my kids love them. I platinumed both of them too and hopefully, they don't shelf the IP for good and decide to make another later. Marc Cerny is doing wonders to the PS brand and the least they could do is give the man a game. and Knack is THAT game.

Tross41d ago

Am I crazy for actually kind of liking Knack at the time I played it? It wasn't and still isn't the greatest thing I've ever played (not even close), but I went into it expecting a cute platformer/action type title that's a bit on the short side, and I got just that. I never did check out the sequel, but I think the first game was both cursed and blessed by its launch window. Cursed because for some strange reason people bought it expecting it to be this top-notch title that really showcased what the PS4 could do and acted as a killer exclusive. Blessed because this is the kind of game that no one would normally notice, as evidenced by its sequel that no one noticed, but people did notice this one.

capjacksparrow41d ago

Yeah, imagine Knack, but then imagine that that's one of your only exclusives for an entire generation. That's pretty much what the Xbox did this gen.

outsider162441d ago

What about knack? I enjoyed the game when it came on ps+. Im gonna get knack 2 too.

RosweeSon40d ago

Ok one game out of hundreds... I see your knack and I raise you with Ryse sea of thieves and no doubt soon to include crackdown 3 gonna be average at best

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paintedgamer198441d ago

Lol im a playstation guy and even i can admit at the beg of the ps3 gen for about... 2 or 3 years... shit was tough. Mostly all 3rd partys looked, sounded, and played better on the 3fixme, the console had pretty decent 1st partys and exclusive 3rd partys (mass effect and a few others), was half the price, and had a online network that was miles better than psn in its infancy. Noone cared (myself included) if the box got rrod the second you hit the power button if it had these many leg ups on the ps3... fast forward to 2008-2009... sony HAVE been full steam ahead and havent once let me down since. Actually, i take that back, the whole playstation fiasco with our credit card info and all that cracked was horrific. Other than that, the ps4 gen showed why they were previously the King of gaming. Everyone else is so far behind them its almost as if they arent even competing in the same arena.

darthv7241d ago

I got 5 of those games and they sure do stand out as some of the best this gen.

Hardiman41d ago

Good list because it cover so the mainstream appeal as well as the hardcore and really there's more you could add, lots more!

Options are always welcome, especially great options and the wide range of games only available on Sony's system speak for themselves.

Tyralun41d ago

Spiderman, Uncharted, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn are definitely the games I'd want if I had a PS4 instead of Xbox, but the others don't really make sense, mostly multiplats

WickedLester41d ago

Destiny and COD have sold a crap ton of PS4's. They absolutely belong on the list. They are multiplat but they are closely associated with PS4 due to marketing rights

RosweeSon40d ago

When I think PlayStation the last thing I think of is call of duty regardless of any deals it’s still shifts sure but they’ve had their day.
PlayStation I think
God of war, metal gear solid crash bandicoot, Gran turismo, last of us, driveclub, horizon zero dawn, spiderman, day’s gone (soon) uncharted collection and uncharted 4 infamous wipeout spyro
Multiformat it would be resident evils tomb raiders Tony hawks back in the day grand theft autos red dead’s.
Call of duty doesn’t get a look in

KwietStorm41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Fun fact, people buy a gaming system to play mutli platform games. Looking at the PS4 version of GTA V still being in the top 10 monthly sales list 5 years after release, I think it really doesn't matter who makes the game. It matters where everyone else is playing too.

Army_of_Darkness41d ago

@kwietstorm, another fun fact.. people buy the "Better" overall gaming system to play their multiplat games ;)

Nyxus41d ago

They don't buy them just to play multiplatform games, otherwise exclusives like God of War and Spider-Man wouldn't be breaking records.

CarlDechance41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"Fun fact, people buy a gaming system to play mutli platform games. ", that is actually not a fact at all. I play 99% all my multiplat games on PC and yet I still game on PS4. And I'm not the only one. You need to have a higher standard for your "fun facts".

DarkVoyager41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


“Fun fact, people buy a gaming system to play mutli platform games.”

Fun fact, exclusives are a big deciding factor in which console they purchase. Hence the reason PS4 exclusives are having record breaking sales and part of the reason PS4 is nearing 100 million consoles.

rainslacker41d ago

Fun fact...

Everyone has their own reasons for buying a system.

KwietStorm41d ago

Did you all really think I was saying that people ONLY play multiplatform on games on their [PS4] console? My comment was replying to what Tyralun said about it not making sense that multiplats are on the list. Amazing. This community amazes me every day. Multiplatform games sell a lot of copies. Some of them are the biggest names in the industry, and when they have marketing deals with a platform that also happens to be the market leader, they get associated with that platform, thus those same multiplatform games are a reason why said platform is dominant.

CarlDechance40d ago

Well qualify your argument next time and don't blame the community because you made a stupid comment based on a sweeping generalization.

RosweeSon40d ago

No the developer is key rockstar... sold! Simple ea Ubisoft no thanks same with cod it’s another yearly churn and there’s many better options out their to play. It’s makes a difference if it’s an online game and all your mates go to other console but I still went ps4 even tho a fair few friends went Xbox. I ain’t tho I make my own decisions and I ain’t that, crazy haha. I had an Xbox one S for 4 months and have no intention to get another this Gen... some good exclusives, exceptional maybe 1-2 anything due not really unless you like crackdown and that’s gonna be a 7-8/10 at best so pass on that thanks

Shiken40d ago

Actually exclusives sell consoles more than multiplats, that is one major reason to pick one over the other. People just also buy multiplats for the console they bought alongside the exclusives.

I thought this was common knowledge by now?

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RosweeSon40d ago

Yeah call of duty didn’t sell me no ps4 haha was the least interesting news when they announced the deal besides i alresdy had my PS4 but call of duty helllll no. My decision was made before I even saw the console they announced their plans and I was in. It went something along the lines of we’ve spoken to the people who make them and we’re doing nothing but games games and some more games. Sold games consoles it’s got games galore coming winner