The Witcher's Geralt Voice Actor Interview: Geralt was "More Emotionless" in the First Instalments

Check out our interview with Geralt's voice actor, Doug Cockle, where he talks about how Geralt developed over the franchise, difference between working in film and television to video games, what roles he wants to play in the future and more.

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Player12450d ago

I always wonder how people get it into the video games voice acting career. It is so interesting to meet the person behind a character like Geralt and then find out there is such a big difference between the two. I don't know what I should expect tbh, *something amazing I guess* (said in the voice of that little kid riding the bike in Incredibles 1)

Mostafeto49d ago

I think it is mainly how it is just about taking on small roles within film, tv, radio or anything that involves this kind of media and developing a portfolio then applying for different casting opportunities when they arise. that's what how he described it at least.

dpatrick49d ago

I can see why he would say that

Mostafeto49d ago

Exactly. Geralt was relatively more emotionally connected to the world around him like he said, especially Triss, Yennefer, and Siri of course.