The Witcher's Geralt Voice Actor Interview: Geralt was "More Emotionless" in the First Instalments

Check out our interview with Geralt's voice actor, Doug Cockle, where he talks about how Geralt developed over the franchise, difference between working in film and television to video games, what roles he wants to play in the future and more.

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Player1241854d ago

I always wonder how people get it into the video games voice acting career. It is so interesting to meet the person behind a character like Geralt and then find out there is such a big difference between the two. I don't know what I should expect tbh, *something amazing I guess* (said in the voice of that little kid riding the bike in Incredibles 1)

Mostafeto1854d ago

I think it is mainly how it is just about taking on small roles within film, tv, radio or anything that involves this kind of media and developing a portfolio then applying for different casting opportunities when they arise. that's what how he described it at least.

dpatrick1854d ago

I can see why he would say that

Mostafeto1854d ago

Exactly. Geralt was relatively more emotionally connected to the world around him like he said, especially Triss, Yennefer, and Siri of course.


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Only 10% Of Recorded Venom Dialog Was Used In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Says Tony Todd

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 voice actor Tony Todd has confirmed that only 10% of his recorded Venom dialog was used in the game.

Einhander19721d 13h ago

Hmm I wonder what the expansion will be about?

P_Bomb1d 8h ago

I’m guessing…Carnage.

Vengeance113811h ago

Incoming standalone Venom game! PS5 exclusive!

CobraKai8h ago

Maybe more stand alone story missions via DLC?

Games1st8h ago

Hype I was expecting more Venom.


Valve Made Left 4 Dead 2 Because The First Game Was A Broken Mess

Left 4 Dead lead Chet Faliszek describes the original Left 4 Dead game as "such a broken thing that nobody wanted to touch it."

Number1TailzFan2d ago

And then couldn't be arsed to make a third game.

If they can add a lot more stuff to a 2nd game in just 1 year why didn't they make a third game a few years later with tons of stuff extra? Because that shows they could've.

I know Source 2 was kind of broken and was a reason they cancelled L4D3 but it seems wasteful to just toss it away.

Don't know what Valve were thinking.. it's like nobody wanted to fix the issues to get going. They certainly aren't the Valve of 2004 that released fun games with pretty cutting edge graphics.

cthulhucultist17h ago

Valve is allergic to number 3 it seems. It would be easier for them to release a Left 4 Dead 2.5 enhanced version instead of releasing a game with "3" slapped on its title.

anast17h ago

Value is the Blockbuster of video games. They have no need to invest in deving a game, when they can make handfuls of cash renting them.

-Foxtrot2d ago

What are they talking about? Seemed pretty alright to me at launch it just wasn't supported the way Valve promised us

They should have just worked on a revamp / massive update to the game but they didn't they jumped straight to a sequel with brand new characters despite having some sort, if small, story about where the original survivors were heading.

I didn't care for the direction they took the sequel, the original games tone and atmosphere was missing in the second game and is still unmatched. Daytime levels, more whackiness, melee weapons where you could attack a Tank with a frying pan...just wasn't the same to be honest and the new survivors just didn't hold up the originals.

Here's my speculation. I think they did a sequel because they didn't want to update a game co-developed by Turtle Rock, they wanted the franchise to be known as a Valve game only and knew if they updated the first one Turtle Rocks name would still linger on it.

shaenoide16h ago

I want broken games like L4D all day long...

GhostScholar16h ago

Well the first game was by far the best

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