Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta

"Hi there, Mike Nash here.

As you know we are getting ready to talk about Windows 7 at the PDC next week. Before we do that, I thought I would give you an update on our latest work for Windows Vista.

We are committed to continually improving Windows, and we've been getting some questions about the timing of the next service pack for Windows Vista. Following the success of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 last spring, we have been working hard on Windows Vista Service Pack 2. As a part of the development and testing process, we're going to start by providing a small group of Technology Adoption Program customers with Windows Vista SP2 Beta for evaluation next Wednesday, October 29. The final release date for Windows Vista SP2 will be based on quality. So we'll track customer and partner feedback from the beta program before setting a final date for the release.

Windows Vista SP2 Beta contains previously released fixes focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues. We expect Windows Vista SP2 will retain compatibility with applications that run on Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1 and are written using public APIs. "

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Cra1g5267d ago

I think Windows 7 will be good. Vista was a waste of time. I'm sure XP could last up until the Windows 7 release and I'm sure it will.

Bladestar5267d ago

uhhh... no.. Vista is a great OS... and anyone that uses can tell you that. Obviously just like ANY OS... you use the wrong hardware or go below the recommended requirement than you get issues.. The OS I am using now is Vista.. never had a problem... why? because all my hardware is certify for it... Microsoft mistake was to allow Apple and others to trash Vista before it cameout and after without doing anything about it... Mac make money when people think Vista is trash... Hopefully they do not make the same mistake with Windows 7... and advertise the heck out of it.