World of Final Fantasy Maxima Seemingly a Digital-only Release on Switch

There’s been a quick turnaround between the announcement and release of World of Final Fantasy Maxima. You’ll likely remember that Square Enix revealed the game for Switch during a mid-September Nintendo Direct. It’s less than two weeks away at this point, as gamers will be seeing it on November 6.

Head over to retailer sites like Amazon – or Square Enix’s own store – and you’ll see that World of Final Fantasy can be pre-ordered for Xbox One. However, the Switch version is nowhere to be seen. With such a short amount of time until launch, while nothing is official just yet, it’s essentially confirmed that World of Final Fantasy Maxima will be digital-only on Switch.

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PhoenixUp43d ago

There’s something ironically funny about how the first retail Final Fantasy game releasing on a Nintendo console in 9 years may not even release on the cartridge.