Zenview Announces Elite Six-Screen Monitor

Want to turn the small screen of your PC into mega-display! Zenview has recently announced their six-screen monitor to give you that HDTV's big-screen like experience! The Zenview Command Center Elite features six 24 inch screens interlocked together to form one big display of a whooping 41.8 inches making is the biggest screen up to date for a computer.

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Josh1billion4275d ago

Wouldn't it be better to just use an HDTV screen?

41.8 inches here.. you can beat that with TV's up to at least the 70's in inches (probably more) for a few grand.

The only difference here that I can see is that the resolution would be better with this six-screener. But does anyone really need 5760x2400 pixels?

THWIP714275d ago

The thick, black "Tic-Tac-Toe" grid won't get old AT ALL. :o PC gaming is such a joke.