How To: Stream Any Video to Your Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii

Will Smith writes:

"Whether you ripped your entire CD and DVD collection, purchase DRM-free content online, or you acquire your media from less legitimate sources, we'll show you everything you need to know to stream your audio, video, and pictures to any console you own."

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cherrypie4274d ago

I love my Xbox 360 as a multi-media player. I've got one upstairs on the big TV and one downstairs.

I use bittorrent and dload rss torrents via Vuze, and watch them at my leisure.

I've got a server that I stream shows from. I download HD movies from Marketplace too.

BrunoM4274d ago

kooll.. but needing a pc to do somethign with a console is not my idea of a comple console .. i wont be using my 360 for these ...

if u just want to go on to see my anime or read some news on n4g youtube or see my profiles il use my ps3 ,,

and for all rest il be using my good old pc lol...

rodeoo4274d ago

tversity is great. another good program is play on,
this allows you to stream netflix, hulu and someother sites to your system