This video shows all the alpha and beta versions of Halo; from strategy to first-person shooter

DSOGaming writes: "The first Halo game has a special place in my heart. I remember when it was still a PC-exclusive and reading all about it in Voodoo Magazine. At that time, I had a Voodoo 2, Voodoo Banshee was the first 2D/3D card from 3DFX available to the market and Voodoo 3 was not released yet. Much like Voodoo 2, Voodoo Banshee was only supporting 16-bit colours but that was about to change as Halo was one of the few games that showcased – at least back then – the big difference between 16-bit and 32-bit colour rendering."

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mcstorm44d ago

Haha its mad to see the Journey of Halo I remember seeing the mac conference when it was a mac exclusive game

timotim43d ago

I'm sorry, but it wasn't. Pay attention, I'm going to learn you something today.

“We are starting to see some great games come back to the Mac,” Jobs said in 1999, hyping up his coming announcement. “But this is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. This game is going to ship early next year from Bungie, and this is the first time anybody has ever seen it.”

At no point, during that presentation at Mac World did Bungie or Steve Jobs say it was an exclusive for the Mac. People just assumed it was (like the author of the article you linked to) because it was the first time that anyone seen it publicly. But the game was already running on Windows at that time and was also suppose to come out for it as well. Where's my proof you say? Here is Bungie themselves clarifying it...

Continue watching until about the 3:05 mark to get the full answer. You simply fell victim to an internet myth that lots of people just accepted and ran with, but was never proven. At no point did Bungie, nor Apple ever say it was exclusive. Steve Jobs was just doing what he did best and marketing his own product, the Mac. He needed gamers to take his products seriously, which they weren't, so he kinda made it seem like it was exclusive, but it never was. Halo was actually developed FIRST for Windows.

mcstorm43d ago

OK maybe this one will help anyway believe what you want and for me I don't really care as it was the reason why I got an xbox so if it was or was not exclusive it got microsoft foot in the door.

timotim43d ago

🤔🤔🤔??? But I just explained that to you...the actual Bungie employees just explained that to you. He said "we had to scramble to get it up and running on a Mac before the presentation" and that it was ALREADY running on Windows by that time. He explained that many people just assumed it was a Mac exclusive but that wasn't the case.

Your second internet Source is nothing more than yet another person who fell victim to the internet myth that it started out as Apple exclusive and ran with did not. The Bungie employee addresses this specifically. Show me where Apple or Bungie at ANYTIME said can't. Before Bungie was bought by Microsoft, Halo (code name Blam) was both a Mac and Windows game, but development started on Windows. Anyone who tells you otherwise is incorrect according to BUNGIE, not me.