ZTGD Reviews Fable 2

With the same wild ambition as its predecessor, Fable 2 really does unbreak the hearts of the faithful. Set hundreds of years after the original, Fable 2 has its share of nostalgic allusions without requiring a bit of recall to enjoy it. Your character will truly become what you make of it, while retaining a remarkable ease of gameplay and accessibility. The combat is clean, fun and well–designed, and exploration is nearly boundless. Lionhead still manages to fall short on some promises, but even so, you will love this game.

+ Call in sick kind of fun
+ Excellent art design
+ Immersive and vast
- Co-op makes me uncooperative
- Pause menu leaves too much to the imagination

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ChefDejon4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

is an amazing writer

iceice1234269d ago

The game was overrated in the review. The reviewer was way too lenient on Fables problems and didn't take any points off for the big issues. This site does that with all their reviews it looks like. They seem to have a habit of overrating games, I suggest you all look at some of the other reviews on the site to see for yourself.

Kyur4ThePain4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

It must be REALLY hard to get below a nine if you can get a 9.8 with this many glitches, many of them game breaking.

Sena Kobayakawa4269d ago

you see what im talking about? the game gets a good review and all of a sudden theres no fanboy around to talk trash.

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED

Kyur4ThePain4269d ago

"Off", not "of".

And I agree. The score is so hard to believe even fans of the game can't think of something to say.