Fallout 76 Live Action Trailer

Here is the live action trailer for Fallout 76. The trailer takes a humor filled look at life after the Vault.

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william_cade1296d ago

They had to use live action because the actual game sucks, but at least they saved money making a live service game so the could make this sweet trailer.

Garethvk1296d ago

Have you actually played the game?

william_cade1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Have you ever played a live service game that wasn't crap?

If the game doesn't suck then I will eat my words, but if it does....then I told you so.

Garethvk1295d ago

I think calling a game crap unseen and unplayed is far from objective and pretty much Troll level. You are supposed to be fair and objective and base opinions on facts. You can say you have concerns which is more than fair but to say it is crap when you have not even played it is just short sighted and wrong.