Bethesda Boss Pete Hines Wants To See Closed System Walls Come Down

Pete Hines: "We as an industry need to start to move to not be so beholden to, 'I only make a thing for that machine and not this one."

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PavelBHunter2060d ago

This is pretty hypocritical from company that doesn't allow fallout 76 on Steam...

italiangamer2060d ago

Its Pete Hines, what would you expect from a liar like him. He moaned against Sony for crossplay and now Fallout 76 wont even have it.

PavelBHunter2060d ago

I forgot about that Sony/crossplay stuff, that's made it even worst...

Kribwalker2060d ago

because sony only allowed crossplay a month before the game is gonna release. If sony said yes when they originally asked for it, i’m sure it would be there, but right now they said they need to focus on the beta and getting the game launched.
“We didn't work on a feature that wouldn't work on all platforms. So we put it aside to work on other things. Now that info has changed we will look into it, but not as we are only 6 weeks from launch. It'll have to wait before someone has time to look into it”


Nyxus2060d ago

@ Kribwalker: Pete Hines on Twitter: "Fallout 76 does not support crossplay, for a number of reasons. I have no idea if it ever will. But I assure you it is not on our radar right now as we focus on B.E.T.A. and Launch."


Kribwalker2060d ago

Look at the article link i posted. It is a week after the tweet you posted. The tweet you posted was right after sony allowed cross-play and people were asking about it. They said before they asked and were turned down. Why would they build something if it wasn’t gonna be allowed?

Nyxus2060d ago

@ Kribwalker: but why did Pete Hines tweet that? Why did he say that he 'has no idea if it ever will', which sounds like they were never even planning to (and the fact that there wasn't cross play between PC and XB1, which they could have allowed with or without Sony kind of supports that). And how is it Sony's fault when there are apparently 'a number of reasons'? Their explanations for the lack of cross play and their response to it just don't add up.

UCForce2059d ago

@Kribwalker You know what he would flip the switch if Sony allowed it which they did. But this is way too hypocrites and backward from him. He’s definitely deserve being called a cheap and liar. Seriously, Bethesda is becoming EA baby.

UltraNova2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Bethesda a thrid party multiplatform publisher wants no walls? Well shit thank GOD they spoke cause no one new this vital information....smh....

I guess its pretty easy for a software only publisher to wish for no exclusives and universal cross play when they dont have anything to risk, like you know a whole console developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting hardware devision...

Context and reality awareness - both concepts we the consumers need in order to see behind the blatant self interest propaganda thrown at as.

Talking about propaganda...


We've been over this so please do your self a favor and save some face.... never try to defend Hines on the whole Cross-play thing because its blatantly obvious he hates Sony and he is lying (where's PC/xbox Xplay?).

sinspirit2059d ago


Why are you so desperate to mislead anyone to believe you? Why don't you just find a hint of truth somewhere that you can actually pass on to others?

It doesn't matter what the statement a week later is. The prior words still stand and were spoken. The statement a week later had more time to shift attention elsewhere and not on themselves for not allowing it. We have small indie developers that flipped on multiplatform online like it was nothing, and went out of their way to do it "accidentally" to prove how easy it can be done. But, the big company that wanted to save some face tried to point blame at Sony to deflect that they didn't even plan on it anyways.

And, as said above. They didn't even provide crossplay from either console to the PC version, which was never out of the realm of possibility.

Edito2059d ago


Please cut the crap... why they don't do crossplay with Xbox, PC and Switch? They just wanted free publicity for game i'm lucky enough for not enjoying their games they are not my type but they hypocrites.

rainslacker2059d ago


Originally he said it was Sony's fault. Then, it was he had no idea, had no plans, and generally acted as if people were annoying him for even asking. After Sony showed they were open to it, it became a number of reasons. So, it's either just Sony, or a number of reasons. Or he could have just shut up, or after Sony allowed it made up some of about how it wouldn't be ready for launch, May be even still blaming Sony and keeping that flame war going, but saying they'd work on it as soon as they could. That May have pit him in a spot where he'd actually be held to his word though, and I don't think he cares as much ad he says.

And That's why I wouldn't take him seriously here.

No Way2059d ago

The bias in these comments is astonishing lol. Of course Hines would say he doesnt ever know if itll happen - if sony had never approved cross play, at the time of his comment.

Sigh, fanboyism is stupid, lol.

UCForce2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

@No_Way How about you listen more valid comment than this ? These people have right to criticize Pete Hines hypocrites. There is fanboys and non fanboys. You should see the difference.

sinspirit2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

@No Way

You should understand the context first before replying then.

He stated, "I have no idea if it ever will" after Sony allowed crossplay.
You just said, "if sony had never approved cross play, at the time of his comment".

But, they did approve it, and like I said above. Crossplay isn't difficult to implement. Bethesda clearly just didn't want to go through the trouble of doing it but pawned it off on Sony for blame. Then after Sony allows it, they say they don't know if it will ever get crossplay. Then a week after that they say it's too late, when that should have been apparent right away.

They just wanted to deflect efforts towards Sony again with an excuse that took a week to make. Again, crossplay has been implemented by much smaller studios with little effort. And, it logically shouldn't be much work. It's just allowing the hidden ID for every online account access to a server.

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rainslacker2059d ago

Even if the walls game down, he'd find a way to not support something.

PapaBop2059d ago

Damn, shut down in a single beautiful sentence, bravo!

ThatDudeMunkee2059d ago

You do know why they are wanting to move all their games to Bethesda's launcher right? Pete Hines discussed that during QuakeCon 2018 and they were very clear behind their intentions of it. They want to be able to fix their games through their own reporting system, through their own way of grabbing information that they can use based on those reports to fix the games.

But it doesn't soften the fact that he made it clear that Fallout 76 might not ever have cross-play capabilities due to the current systems or future systems. It's a sad day since I REALLY hoped this title would be their first to break those barriers as far as console-based games are concerned.

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Thatguy-3102060d ago

You need exlusives to sell the console. That's never going to go away. Even if consoles vanish these companies are going to make exclusives to sell you on choosing THEIR service over another.

Godmars2902059d ago

Exclusives are used to sell platforms. Be they consoles, handhelds, mobile devices, 3D rigs, PC graphics cars or apps.

Thatguy-3102059d ago

I mean we have them with streaming video service as well. Netflix with shows like stranger things, HBO with game of thrones and so on. Companies are always going to have to sell their product and the main way to do it is by creating material that one can't get anywhere else

Purrfection2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

In the future it will be about exclusive 'services' and then hardware will become redundant. When you can stream to multiple platforms, much like Playstation Now is doing on the PC, you can reach farther without the $400 barrier to get the hardware. Netflix/Spotify does not require you to buy hardware, it's just an app that you install and one day that is going to be at the gaming level.

Of course even then we will still get the immaturity on the forums about how A service is faster than B or C service or has better content but the major player will be the one who can get the most 3rd party publishers. I would watch out for Amazon or Google.

UCForce2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

@Purrfection And we will lost our ownership. Do you think is good idea to go full digital in the future ? For me, it’s not good idea and dangerous.

rainslacker2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Theoretically speaking, you could still have exclusives, with a single OS/API platform to build to.

That being said, I doubt MS is going to adopt Vulcan, or any future OGL version, within Xbox, so maybe he should be blaming MS for not using the more common outside Xbox/PC API's available.

The bigger problem would be the licensing terms and who gets those fees. One build/release means either no licensing fees for the console maker, and it's unlikely they'll give that up unless we go all digital, and they can make their money off the storefronts on their individual systems, but in doing so, I think that cross buy is likely to become obsolete.

If there isn't enough incentive in it for the console makers, then they're not going to bother with hardware. MAU's from actual revenue gaining services is the only way to overcome that, but if that was the console makers only way of making money, they'd still be better off going to services/software only....particularly in an unwalled system world.

In other words, it doesn't really matter what Pete Hines wants. He is in no way part of the platform market. Talk to Steam, MS, Sony, and Nintendo, and none of them will see any reason to bring the walls down. There isn't even anything to suggest that it would be good for the consumer either.

AspiringProGenji2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Yeah right! Give MS ideas to bully Sony and Nintendo about sharing their exclusives with xbox. F off

blm5042059d ago

I assume you don't like Microsoft right or wrong

neutralgamer19922059d ago

What does that have anything to do with? As a gamer ms have failed again and again relying on handful of IP's without much innovation or risk taking

The biggest selling point for Xbox one is that is plays old games

one2thr2059d ago

And for $500 you can have the mostest powerfulest home console ever built....

2pacalypsenow2059d ago

@one2thr yeah till the next one comes out