Red Dead Redemption 2 Non-Spoiler Achievement List Details Revealed

We have put together the achievement list for Rockstar’s latest title while leaving out the achievements that contain spoilers.

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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for May: RDR2, Deceive Inc., Crime Boss: Rockay City and more

All titles release May 21.

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-Ghost6d ago

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog

- Red Dead Redemption 2 | PS4
- Deceive Inc. | PS5
- The Sims 4 City Living | PS4
- Crime Boss: Rockay City | PS5
- The Settlers: New Allies | PS4
- Stranded: Alien Dawn | PS4, PS5
- Cat Quest | PS4
- Cat Quest II | PS4
- The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame | PS4
- Watch Dogs* | PS4

PlayStation Premium | Classics

- 2Xtreme | PS4, PS5
- G-Police | PS4, PS5
- Worms Pinball | PS4, PS5

shinoff21836d ago

They gotta do better on the premium side for sure. Where are any of those jrpgs from the ps1 Era. Come on Sony.

jznrpg6d ago

Most of the Sony JRPGS have been released. Square has a ton that could be ported over but they would need Squares involvement.

VenomUK6d ago

Crime Boss! I know it hasn't reviewed well but I love the eighties action movie vibe of the trailer but didn't want to risk any money on it so this is a great way for me to play it.

Exvalos5d ago

I don't know why Sony is not getting some of the legendary ps1 games from square like parasite eve, xenogears, brave fencer musashi

outsider16246d ago

Looking at this list, i gotta ask what is even the point of premium?

raWfodog6d ago

I'm good with just my PS+ Essential

GamerRN6d ago

I have premium, and I'm also wondering why I have it

Xeofate5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I think there are a ton of good games on Premium, and don't sleep on the movie collection if you like 90's and 2000's movies, the selection is stacked with classics and gets updated pretty regularly.

Abnor_Mal6d ago

G-Police is a game I have fond memories of and will definitely download to replay. I remember controlling your helicopter was a bit difficult and would make my hand cramp having to press all the shoulder buttons to go up and down and I think yaw left and right.

The next game they should add to Classics is Colony Wars, and I wouldn’t mind replaying Nightmare Creatures. I’d also like to replay Black, PSI Ope: The Mindgate Conspiracy.

Redgrave5d ago

Nightmare Creatures, Deathtrap Dungeon, Urban Chaos

TheColbertinator5d ago

Colony Wars, G-Police, Black and PsiOps were all amazing games. Such creative games from a golden age.

DefenderOfDoom25d ago

I would love to play Black again on a higher difficult setting . Black was so fun to play!

MrBaskerville5d ago

G-Police is nice. But might be among the hardest games I've ever played.

Bathyj5d ago

G Police.
I almost want to upgrade for that.

But let's face it, there's no way the game has held up.

MrBaskerville5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You can just buy it, you don't need premium.

And it's still good, but there's a couple of early missions that are extremely tough. But they don't really make games like this anymore.

DarXyde5d ago

2Xtreme was the first game I ever bought for PS Plus (I still have the PS1 version somewhere).

Game is awful, but it's stupid fun. Like Thrasher: Skate and Destroy.

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TheProfessional6d ago ShowReplies(7)
hiroyukisanada6d ago

Man.... Premium has been a massive letdown but this is the only month they don't have a single thing for me. Oh well. I've gotten my money's worth so far and still need to finish up Rebirth and Rise of the Ronin then I'll hop back in to Relink and Helldivers after that.

hiroyukisanada5d ago

I should clarify that I was referring to the Classics catalog, in particular. Only 1 PS1 game I've loved is the Legend of Dragoon and the Tekken/Soul Caliburs on PSP

Petebloodyonion6d ago

RDR2 is a win for Sony and Crime boss is a good fit to help promote a struggling game
but we're far from what was removed this month (including Horizon Zero Dawn)

crazyCoconuts6d ago

Yeah I was hoping burning shores would have been added now that it's a year old vs. the base game being removed.
I wouldn't be surprised if both MS and PS continue to either walk back the quality of games in the sub services or increase the price, since it's now clearer to them how cannibalistic these services are

isarai5d ago

The game deserves to struggle, it's garbage

Petebloodyonion5d ago

Indeed it's bad but it does offer incredible Hollywood star power so for free it might draw a crowd while giving a boost to this game.
Just remember Fallout 76 was the biggest turd and yet there are now tons of ppl playing it.

shinoff21835d ago

When I seen video on this game I thought Holy sht this is gonna be awesome. Then the footage continued and I seen what type of game it was going for. Was so disappointed. Would've loved a gta style game not from Rockstar,like we had back in the day some studios trying. I'm all about being different but a little gta clone idea been cool with.

Yui_Suzumiya5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

To be fair, I'd play Crime Boss before GTA any day. I mean I have no interest in either but just for the celebs I'd pick Crime Boss, lol

JL29305d ago

How is a 6 year old game a win for anything? Anyone who cares has already played it.