I Wish I Had Gotten An SSD Sooner

— PC Invasion:

Despite being in love with computers since an early age, I never owned one with an SSD. Now that I have one, I can never go back.

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FlyingFoxy47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Got my first one in 2009, 128gb.. Was pretty pricey back then, like 250 quid, but it cut boot times and game load times down a lot, i was usually first in MP loading by at least 5-10 seconds over others.

I have a Samsung 512GB 840 Pro still going strong now too, i might pick up a new Adata SX8200 Pro M2 SSD when they launch soon.

Kados46d ago

If your board supports M.2 drives, check out the new Corsair MP510s that just launched. 960GB, 3480MB read, 3000MB write, $269.

Cobra95146d ago

It really is a night-and-day difference when the OS goes from hard drive to a solid-state drive. The sweet spot in price/performance right now is a smallish system SSD and a large data HDD. But even that is changing as I write this. Prices on SSDs have been dropping for a while. 500GB models have become quite tempting.

However, there's a proliferation of cheap off-brand SSDs now that needs to be avoided. These usually come without a DRAM cache, which is essential for the kinds of speeds SSDs are known for. They also tend to die a lot quicker. TLC NAND is making the scene now too, which means both cheaper per GB and shorter lifespan. Buyer beware. Read the specs carefully before buying. Read/watch proper tech reviews.

anonymousfan46d ago

I wonder if we'll ever see them in consoles... too pricey for the default main storage drive yet it feels kinda overdue.