God of War Studio Gives Red Dead Redemption 2 Major Props in the Best Way | COGconnected

God of War developer Santa Monica Studio isn't shy about showing their support for Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 success. In fact, they've given them major props. Read on to find out how!

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sammarshall1022087d ago

I love the respect studios show each other

Fishy Fingers2087d ago

Why wouldn’t they, professionals working in the same field have both knowledge and understanding of their fellows craft.

It’s only the kids from different camps that make this mutual appreciation seem refreshing.

monkey6022087d ago

They must be slightly disgusted too though. Up until today they had Game of the Year in the bag.

Yeah they're grown adults and aren't acting like children but you'd have to understand some disappointment from them too

MrVux0002087d ago

You say it like God Of War has lost the possibility of winning a GOTY overall, even tho both games have universal acclaim.

If anything it is quite possible we are looking at another TLOU vs GTAV situatio here.

rainslacker2086d ago

Likely that many from SSM were at some point involved with the RDR2 game, as they are part of the ICE team, and no doubt, they would have spent some time working with R* on how to make things work well. They probably knew well this game was going to give them a run for their money. I also think that SSM isn't going to be as fussed about winning or losing GOTY as the fan boys are. They had a massive success, and should be proud, and no other big game release can take that away from them. Sure, it's nice to get the awards, and recognition, but they aren't going to let it phase them.

DarkVoyager2087d ago


Love when studios praise each other for their hard work.

MoshA2087d ago

Yeah good studios deserve respect :)

AK912087d ago

One great developer giving pros to another, love seeing this kind of stuff.

thatguyhayat2087d ago

When i saw that baldur gif on twitter that was just hilarious

Cmv382087d ago

2 amazing developers, 1 amazing console.

I need to work for the playstation advertising department.

ClayRules20122087d ago

I’d work for Sony cleaning toilets at the different studio offices. Just to see how things run & to see those amazingly talented developers at work everyday, totally worth it.

rainslacker2086d ago

Moving over from Nintendo? Your nephew will be upset.

Old joke....many may not get the reference.:)

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ClayRules20122087d ago

The respect that these game studios show to one another is awesome. I love it.

Now, hopefully many within the gaming community can do the same for their fellow gamers (regardless of their platform of choice) and let them know they’re hoping their fellow gamers have a great time playing the games there excited for.