Why The Evil Within 3 deserves to get made

Despite quickly establishing itself as one of the most exciting survival horror franchises, it seems like there isn’t a lot of enthusiasm for a third installment.

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gangsta_red649d ago

Agreed, but let's get a new protagonist going. This guy has been through enough hell and deserves a rest.

-Foxtrot649d ago

I think he can go for one more ride, it would complete a trilogy quite nicely.


The ending showings the STEM system reactivate and it's got to be Ruvik since he's the only loose end in the story so I'm guessing he'll want revenge on Seb or at least continue some experiments on him with all the experience he has within both systems now.

They really reworked Seb as a character in the sequel and it would be a shame to get rid of him now. I think it should be a dual story with us playing as Julie Kidman aswell in some scenes or do a Resident Evil showing two stories intertwined with one another. Joseph will be in there somewhere.

gangsta_red649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

Okay, I actually forgot about the whole Ruvik situation, because like you said, he was the only thing they didn't address which was one of my only complaints about the sequel.

But the sequel did a great job closing out all the other issues the first one set up, his daughter, his wife, what really happened when his house burnt down, the company that was involved. And he really went through hell by the end to save his daughter.

I guess the only thing that would need to be addressed is actually Ruvik.

"I think it should be a dual story with us playing as Julie Kidman aswell ..."

Agreed, maybe make her the main character to go after Ruvik.

robtion649d ago

I agree. Let Sebastian chill with his family. Playing as Kidman in the dlc from the first game was one of the highlights of the series (though based on trophies it seems most didn't play it).

-Foxtrot649d ago

Hopefully. The sequel was what Assassins Creed II was to the first Assassins Creed.

They took something and addressed almost all the issues from the last game people had with it.

Platformgamer649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

because 1 and 2 were awesome TPS horror games and certain plots aren't complete...

it's the only game i want from bethesda, so i hope they'll do it.

Blu3_Berry649d ago

As someone who have recently gotten every achievement for both games, I would love to see a 3rd installment. I think getting one more in the series would be a nice solid wrap up to the trilogy. As others have pointed out, there is really only 2 loose ends that needs to be tied up.

Joseph, and Ruvik/Leslie. Where are they?

We saw at the end of the second game that STEM was being rebooted by someone and I want to assume it was Ruvik as there isn't anyone else who would do such a thing. I think it could be cool to see maybe two perspectives in the 3rd game with Seb and Kidman in a case kinda like Resident Evil 2. I think that would be really sweet.

The series is very underrated and did not get the recognition it deserved especially with the second game fixing all the issues the first game had. It's not a perfect series by any means, but damn it is one enjoyable series.

AK91649d ago

I loved both TEW 1 and 2 but the series ended on a high note after 2 (even though there was that little teaser at the ending). I honestly would love to see that dev team release a horror VR game it would put Kitchen to shame.

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