Fortnite Developer Epic Games Announces $1.25 Billion Investment

Fortnite developer and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games just announced that it has raised $1.25 billion in investment via new strategic partnerships.

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Sam Fisher959d ago

Thats alot of ppl that likes garbage

DarkVoyager959d ago

It’s only garbage if you don’t like it. Millions of other people enjoy the game.

LucasRuinedChildhood959d ago

Bloom kind of ruins the game. It adds an element of chance to simply aiming and shooting your gun that really shouldn't be there.

That and people building high-rise slums every time they get shot

DarkVoyager959d ago

“That and people building high-rise slums every time they get shot”

Yea they should have called it Fortnite Tower Defense. Lol

FinalFantasyFanatic958d ago

Oh well, could be worse, could have been PUBG.

Kabaneri959d ago

I played it for a while and thought I enjoyed it, until I played some real games and realized it was just Stockholm syndrome.

LucidIllusion959d ago

Just die already. The game was crap when it was being developed.

Tzuno959d ago

Game for acne infested kids.

Jrios355958d ago

To each their own preferences, folks. If you don't like Fortnite, the game is obviously not for you. If you enjoy Fortnite, more power to you, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I've only played Fortnite once, and while it's not for me, I can understand why people enjoy it. The game only gets hate because it's mega popular, and because it has a fanbase mostly full of children. It happens all the time with trending games like Minecraft, FnaF, and Overwatch. Fortnite is no different.