The Insider #82 – EA’s Star Wars Crisis Continues?

With the departure of Jade Raymond from EA's Motive studios, more questions are being asked about how EA has handled the Star Wars license whilst it's been in their possession. The latest episode of The Insider takes this issue head-on.

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Knightofelemia860d ago

I am surprised MIckey Mouse has not pulled the Star Wars license from EA after Battlefront 2

Godmars290860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

There's a thing called contracts.

Along with being a fundamentally creatively bankrupt company that surprisingly makes money on the hopes and dreams of children as well as those children at heart.

And no, I'm not talking about EA...

Knightofelemia859d ago

A company like Disney who literally print their own money with their theme parks their movies kids of various generations have grown up on and their acquisitions of both Star Wars and Marvel. I am pretty sure Disney can afford to buy out the contract or cancel the contract with EA instead of EA running a big franchise like Star Wars into the ground face first Disney can be protective over their property.

Godmars290859d ago

A company like Disney does not care about overall quality, only that something is "good enough" and makes money. A projected/demanded amount of money. Their toy-based video game made money, but since it didn't make a required amount, they shut it down with little warning.

Avengers Earth Mightest Heroes, The Spectacular Spiderman and even the Clone Wars were all considered to be high quality shows, popular to general audiences, yet were all canceled simply because Disney wanted versions of them done under their roof. Inferior versions aimed at a specific audience. With the last, Clone Wars, revived not in the direct wake in their own debacle w/TLJ, but because Solo bombed so badly it made them finally realize they'd mucked things up as badly as EA has. If anything that EA had screwed up during their own was likely the only reason they noticed EA's.

So long as the - BIG - money comes in, Disney does not give a f***.