The Next Level: Rock Band 2 Review

Like its predecessor, Rock Band 2 ensures you're gaining an investment that will keep you entertained for hours and hours to come. Obviously if you're just looking to enjoy a solo experience, there's little need to invest in the bundle, though you'll probably regret it when you've got company over and they might feel like jamming with you. However you choose to enjoy Rock Band 2, it's definitely one of the best reasons to own a 360 or PS3 right now. Just be sure to warn the neighbors before holding those late night house parties.

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M_Prime4280d ago

this review sucks, no mention of what the game does.. just his opinion.. no sizing up to GH:WORLD TOUR, no mention of compatibility of old drums vs new.. as well as differences in drums other then the new ones are quieter and velocity sensitive.. but are the pads the same? OVERALL sounds like a personal rant more then a review