Alan Wake returns to digital storefronts, thanks to Microsoft

Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake is once again available to purchase from online marketplaces like Steam, and the Humble Store. Its return follows more than a year after the game was removed from digital retailers, due to a licensing issue that’s finally been resolved.

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gangsta_red54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Game had some good ideas and I love the episodic stages it had but the game was way too monotonous and it got boring after while.

This is one game that needed to be semi open like Evil Within 2

SkippyPaccino54d ago

I'm starting to believe this game had subliminal messages to make us buy Energizer batteries for our remotes...

Sirk7x53d ago

Definite product placement, for sure xD
Great game though, especially if you're if you enjoy King novels.

AK9154d ago

If you want respect back MS make games like Alan Wake again, you know games that require actual effort.

Orionsangel54d ago

Alan Wake is one of those games where I simply lost interest. Maybe one day I'll go back to it but I won't remember what happened.

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