Call of Duty going multiplayer only was the fresh start the series needed | The Loot Gaming

An opinion piece on which the author defends the new multiplayer-only approach taken by Activision on their latest Call Of Duty game.

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jc1243d ago

no, some semblance of innovation or perhaps a reworked engine or destructible/dynamic environments would have a been a fresh start. This game may be solid, but its just more of the same formula.

jc1243d ago

I'm not mad. Just stating the facts. Are you mad, bro?

Sophisticated_Chap43d ago

So, less content = fresh start......ok.

annoyedgamer43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

That's some high level spin you got going there, worthy of a prestige. Just as bad as defending EA's destruction of the Battlefield franchise.

akaFullMetal43d ago

What? Taking out single player doesn't mean there's been innovation. Especially when there isn't any big changes to the regular multiplayer formula? Maybe if there was destruction or a new feature that makes this cod unique could make that claim.

rainslacker43d ago

The fresh start it needed? Despite the MP essentially being the same as older games?

That makes no sense.