Are There Really Too Many Indie Platformers?

The Indie Game Website: "The number of indie platformers appearing is growing with each year that passes. But how many of those are new, memorable experiences or artistic creations?"

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Sgt_Slaughter48d ago

Barely any of the AAA developers support it anymore, so the more the merrier. I'd rather have a lot of platformers than a lot of shooters/grindfests.

48d ago
Xaevi48d ago

on one hand its like the NES & SNES days never went away, but on the other hand you're an idie dev, do something different, dont just rely on whats the safest thing to do. I was under the impression that being indie was doing what triple A no longer wanted to go back to, so its a bit disappointing to see most just fall back on to platformers

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