Red Dead Redemption 2 looks and plays best on Xbox One X

From Digital Foundry: "PlayStation 4 - and latterly, PS4 Pro - have taken centre-stage in Red Dead Redemption 2's pre-release marketing campaign, meaning we have a pretty decent idea of how Rockstar's latest epic presents on Sony hardware. Today, we can discuss the Xbox One versions of the game, and the key takeaway is this: if you're looking for the very best RDR2 experience, Xbox One X is the go-to platform for this game. Rockstar's stunning technological achievement runs at native 4K on the X, and also delivers the smoothest performance. Bearing in mind just how far Rockstar is pushing current-gen hardware, that's a stunning achievement."

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DarkVoyager49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

“Rockstar's stunning technological achievement runs at native 4K on the X, and also delivers the smoothest performance. Bearing in mind just how far Rockstar is pushing current-gen hardware, that's a stunning achievement.”

A game of this scale running at native 4K? Rockstar are wizards.

Only downside is cutscenes where both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X struggle to run at a locked 30fps.

christocolus49d ago

They sure did a great job.

Digital Foundry "But really, to see this phenomenal game at its absolute best, Xbox One X is the platform of choice - and by quite a considerable margin."

Eonjay49d ago Show
christocolus49d ago

Well... DF did their analysis. That is what the result says.

Lmao xD

Neonridr49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@Master of Unlocking - perhaps to the naked eye. Obviously these comparisons only matter if you were to say have both running side by side and at the end of the day the Pro version is still looking fantastic. But it is a considerable margin. Think about how many extra pixels the One X version is pushing over the Pro. Sure it might not make a huge difference to your eyes at the end of the day, but under the hood obviously a lot more is being done. To sit there and say it's not a considerable margin sounds like fanboyism. Just accept it and move on, it still looks great on the Pro.

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bouzebbal49d ago

hahaha where have you been all this time?
....of course power matters, huh?

fiveby949d ago

I own both an X1x and a Pro. I chose the Pro for RDR2 for the additional content. Sure the X1x is a great console hardware wise but I want to play *all* the content. So higher resolution is not enough of a reason to buy it there. If that's all you have is an XB, then I guess play it there....

Kribwalker49d ago


So you are choosing a considerably worse performing version of the game for 30 day early access to a special horse, gun and outfit??? LOL, I’m starting to question whether you actually own both

ssmilloy3649d ago

Im not buying a pro.
I'm not buying a s
I'm not buying a x

zahdab49d ago

Tbh owning xbox one x and having rebought many games from ps4 to xbxo i fail to see the difference in many instances ... in their videos they zoom in to portion of the screen to highlight diffrences ... coz u cant notice from a distance

MattE49d ago

To think that what's looks like the best game of this gen looks and plays better on an Xbox Console.. Amazing..

DrumBeat49d ago

Agreed. Those side-by-sides really show the difference in image quality between X and Pro, and the X makes the Pro look kinda muddy, really. Native 4K on the X. Rockstar really are rock stars.

Obscure_Observer49d ago

Awesome news! Xbox One X is the ULTIMATE console! I never though that native 4K for Red Dead Redemption 2 running on the X was possible!

Great Job Phil Spencer and Xbox Team!

Xbox One X owners are in for a treat! :)

darthv7249d ago

It seems to me that those who say resolution 'doesnt' matter with this game also seem like the ones who said it 'did' with other games even before the pro and x were announced.

I remember the plethora of 1080p vs 900p comparisons a few years ago.

shloobmm349d ago


You do know the content will be released on X1 in a month and it's only a gun, horse and an outfit. Hardy worth sacrificing not only graphics but smoothness. X1X looks and plays better.

MattE49d ago


Mate, the PS4 exclusive content is some clothing and a saddle

darthv7249d ago

I thought I read somewhere that if you have RDR for 360 on the xbo that it adds something to the RDR2 game. Course it may just have been a rumor, but you never know with Rockstar and little easter eggs.

Skull52149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I think we all knew Xbox One X would have the far superior version, though some of us didn’t want to admit it. I’ll be playing tonight the second it is unlocked and on the most powerful console in the world, the Xbox One X, which happens to run native 4K and at a more stable frame rate. I’d love to know more but I’m waiting until I’ve conquered the game to watch this because I don’t want anything spoiled. I’m certain DF just hurt a lot of people’s feelings with this analysis today.

Ceaser985736149d ago (Edited 49d ago )


"So you are choosing a considerably worse performing version of the game"

Totally agree with DF but Worse? Nobody said that... So stop lying.. X performs better because Better hardware doesn't mean Pro is worse.. Almost all the reviews are done on the Pro.. And the everyone praised how good its looking. Certainly it will look better on the X but Worse. Not at all..
I hear the Base Xbox runs ta game at 860p ? Is that's true than that's what you call WORSE..

sprinterboy49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Shame only about 3% are gamers with a X?
Great job by rockstar though and kudos to all platforms wether it be ps4 base, slim, one s, Pro or X.

starchild48d ago

I'll be playing it on my PS4 Pro, but the XB1X version looks and runs better and is no doubt the way I would go if I had an XB1X. Still annoyed that Rockstar is not releasing it for PC. Although I'm sure they will release it later and will get some of us to double dip.

trouble_bubble48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Guys are surprised fiveby9 would play this on PS4? profiles and comments show some of you -happily- choosing to main on 720p - 900p before Nov 7 2017. You didn’t care then. So why should he care now? What changed Nov 7 2017 that made y’all hypocrites

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Jinger49d ago

While it certainly won't sway any ps4 user to buy and Xbox One X. It is nice to see a company that isn't shooting for parity even though Sony has Marketing and content rights. The fact that it runs in Native and still offers better performance just shows that the X is obviously the better hardware. But we already knew that. Unfortunately until MS starts pushing more 1st party software it's not going to sway heads with 3rd party games alone.

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iplay1up249d ago

I don't want to play on a system, that sounds like a plane taking off during demanding areas. This game is going to make the PRO run loud! The X is whisper quite.

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BenRC0149d ago

I massively regret buying my X, if it wasn't for Forza it would be utterly irrelevant.

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

You know, despite people accusing me of being a rampant PS fan boy sometimes, and me sometimes accusing you of being a rampant Xbox fan boy, I actually agree with every part of your comment.

Hope everyone has fun with the game no matter where they play it, because ultimately, that is what matters.:)

Jinger49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


And honestly all the footage we saw up until now was only on the PS4 Pro and it still looks phenomenal. Either way it's going to be a stunner and a great game and I think everyone benefits from Rockstars hard work.

Edit: And really the only reason why I'm labelled an Xbox Fanboy on here is because you're either a die hard Sony fan who doesn't say anything negative about the console or its games or you're an Xbox Fanboy. There is no inbetween on here lol no one cares that I have a PS4 Pro and PSVR and my top games this gen are Spider-Man and Bloodborne. Hell, some people are convinced I don't even have a PS4 or played Spider-Man because I was criticizing the the Black Cat DLC...

darthv7249d ago

Same here Jinger... same here. I'm more neutral than people think but it doesnt stop them from labeling me one way or the other. I can and do enjoy both ps4 and xbo.

rainslacker48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I've found, when it comes to non-console war stuff, like just games that aren't exclusive, or general stuff going around the industry or community, I do tend to agree with some of the accused fan boys more often than I disagree with them. I may like different games than they do, or not care as much about some things going around, but its easier to see their point of view when they aren't seemingly talking about a game through what appears to be a double standard or certain-colored glasses. Given the games I know a lot of people seem to like and talk up, I can't see why they often have such harsh things to say about games on other systems they don't have a preference for when those games are exclusive.

That kind of things tends to make people look like fan boys, because they seem to place an unbalanced criteria on what they like about those games. Kind of like the opposite of a free pass I guess. Personally, I actually think MS generally makes good games, but not all their games are good, so I just say what I think, and I get accused as a fan boy when I say bad things about games which I actually think aren't worth much praise.

Anyhow, I'm impressed with what R* has achieved based on what I've read in the comment section so far. I still want to read the article, but it appears after I got home, that Eurogamer is down. Part of me hopes it's not some DDoS attack because some people are too sensitive. I always think it sucks when crap like that happens and distracts from actual achievements from the developers who deserve praise.

andibandit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Im actually contemplating buying a xb1x for this.

Only have a standard ps4 atm.

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Orionsangel49d ago

Most have standard consoles though and it runs 1080p on PS4. While it runs 864p on Xbox One. The clear choice is Intellivision.

DarkVoyager49d ago

Xbox has not only has a massive resolution advantage...

Xbox 1X - 8,294,400 pixels
PS4 Pro - 4,147,200 pixels

But it also performs better than PS4 Pro.

I’m torn if I should just cancel my PS4 Pro bundle and instead get an Xbox One X with RDR2. This is too big of a difference to ignore. Especially on what is likely the best game of this generation.

shloobmm349d ago

No. Only one cut scene in particular was an issue.

MagUk49d ago

I think that last part of your comment should read.

Only downside is one cutscenes where both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X struggle to run at a locked 30fps.

warriorcase48d ago

They said certain cutscenes. He mentions that he only saw around 4 dips in the entire game

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Nitrowolf249d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No surprise there tbh, it should be expected with the better hardware. I’m more so surprised by the fact that it hits 4K natively.

I’m still gonna enjoy this on my ps4 pro and as is everybody else for whatever console is their preference.

I think the big take with this is just how well rockstar has done with using what’s resources are at their disposal. Overall, it sounds like it’s gonna be a solid experience across the bored

Master of Unlocking49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I'm sure it's going to be a solid experience across the bored yes, even gamers bored out of their mind will find that game will stir up their interest ;-)

Jinger49d ago

Indeed! Considering all the footage we have seen has all been PS4 PRO the game looks fantastic on it. Just give it up to Rockstar for creating such a good looking game at this scale. They truly are coding wizards.

King_Noctis49d ago

I will still enjoy this to the max on my OG PS4. But I’m at the same time jealous those who own an X1X.

raWfodog49d ago

Yeah of course if I had an XB1X, I'd definitely be picking up this game for that system but I know I will still enjoy it on my Pro. The biggest problem for me is going to be trying to find time to play this gem. Wife, kids, and work are being selfish with my time :)

MoonConquistador49d ago

There's always sick days, divorce and adoption. Options my man lol

frostypants49d ago

What's the over-under on them remastering this for PS5/Xbox [Whatever they call it]? Not that I'll wait.

Nitrowolf249d ago

Ps5 and x2 will prob be back cap, so none or they may release a texture update date later for them

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TRU3_GAM3R49d ago

Of course it will be better on more powerful system
12 gb ram
6 teraflops

It's a beast

ZeroX987649d ago

love how you get disagrees on this one. I always expect better performance when you need to pay more for the hardware. The other way around wouldn't make any sense!

Lighter949d ago

I disagreed because he said beast.

xRacer74x49d ago

@Lighter9, you disagreed because he said something positive about the Xbox.

49d ago
lxeasy49d ago Show
MoshA49d ago

Of course, you paid more lmao. We didn't pay more for the base PS4

Relientk7749d ago ShowReplies(11)
Nyxus49d ago

Sadly I only have a base Xbox One, so I'll be getting this game on PS4.

mrmikew201849d ago ShowReplies(1)
I_am_Batman49d ago

Base PS4 version also has framerate issues but at least it runs at 1080p. Hopefully Rockstar can improve the framerate post launch.

Nyxus49d ago

Yeah I guess it'll have to do.

FishPoPs48d ago

"Sadly I only have a base Xbox One, so I'll be getting this game on PS4."

so you have a PS4 then?

mrmikew201849d ago

Oh, I thought you just had a 'Xbox One', it was a honest question.

Nyxus49d ago

No problem, I usually buy every console on day one (I also have a Switch).

BrettAwesome48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

On day one? Every console? FUCK, that's awesome! You must be so rich, I bet you shit 100 dollar bills

...oh...except of course the One X...
Constipation is a bitch

WilliamSheridan45d ago

I buy every console day one also since the Atari Jaguar... Doesn't make us rich, just dedicated gamers

darthv7249d ago

I have both base platforms but i will get it on the xbo because at some point I plan to get the upgraded units and in doing so the game will already be there for the x.

Nyxus49d ago

Understandable. I'm not planning on getting any mid-gen upgrade consoles, I'll just wait for next-gen when it comes to upgrading.

shiva149d ago

Sadly you dont have xbox one x or you would have got it for that.

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