Microsoft Financial Year 2019 First Quarter Results Published, Gaming Revenue Up 44%

The Microsoft 2019 Q1 results have been published, with impressive growth in gaming. Xbox software and services are up 36%. Gaming revenue increased by 44%, with Xbox hardware revenue up 94%.

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AngainorG7X47d ago

That's great, nice to see Xbox recovering and getting stronger for next gen.

Kingthrash36047d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yeah, third party games helped them the most, followed by services. I see why they focus more on boasting about 3rd party games than making and releasing strong MS games. This is good for Microsoft, this way they dont have to spend alot of money making games for gamers. Let the third party games be the best it has to offer.

michaelknight3547d ago

Typo word up yall know what i meant

81BX47d ago

Good to see you back kingthrash... Said no one ever.

Kingthrash36047d ago

It's like nobody read the article lol...glad to see me back is right...I'm here to keep the proper information the article and get back at me.

UltraNova47d ago

Some impressive numbers by MS for sure. I can't wait for next gen!

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On this Sony fan site, you are not allowed to state ANYTHING even remotely positive about Microsoft.

AngainorG7X47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

This is N4G, so no surprise here. Makes you wonder if there are any mods in this website. Christopher???

King_Noctis47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

This community is a very toxic place. The mods should have done something about this long time ago.

Just look at some of the comments on this article. We can't have positive MS article without some of these people rearing their heads in.

DarXyde47d ago


Positive comments were made and they weren't marked as spam or inappropriate.

Pretty sure you CAN make these comments.

RememberThe35747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

You guys must be newer. We used to have two comment sections for every stroy. The Open Zone that was for trolls and fanboys. It got really good watching people shadow troll in the Gamer Zone. Guys like breakfast, pog, and it's been too long, but they were hilarious. This site used to be run by us for us and now it's just a news aggregate full of fanboys and gamergaters. Newsboiler ruined us lol.

UltraNova47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


Preach! Plus people back then took a lot more bandering, counter arguments and yeah insults before their egos broke down. These days most around here are so sensitive they need to cry about their favorite Company not getting enough love around here.

Times have changed.

GameGod2646d ago

Shit always flips with you dudes man lol

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Obscure_Observer47d ago

Phil Spencer is the MAN!

Great Job Xbox Team!

Razzer47d ago

I think you say that no matter what.

DarkVoyager47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


“Phil Spencer is the MAN!”


“I think you say that no matter what.”

He is Phil Spencer.

Lime12347d ago

This year PS4 beat Xbox One 9/9 months in US.
This year Xbox One beat PS4 0/9 months in US.

Last time Xbox One won NPD was October 2016.

This is Xbox's strongest market? This is a place where X360 won 32 NPD's in a row?

badz14947d ago

nothing really to celebrate, this is an improvement from their worst year which was 2017. so...

King_Noctis47d ago

An improvement is an improvement. Why should there be more to it? You are acting as if Sony had never have a bad year.

badz14947d ago

compared to MS? really??

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FallenAngel198447d ago

Xbox brand is doing better and Microsoft still refuses to give out new numbers

DarkVoyager47d ago

Not saying much when you’re 45 million behind the competition.

Obscure_Observer47d ago


"Not saying much when you’re 45 million behind the competition."

Engagement is their metric now. They rather have more active Xbox One owners than a ton of "dead" Xbox One consoles sold.

Xbox is finally following their on patch based on Phil Spencer´s vision and i´m sure Microsoft´s suits are laughting on their way to the bank.

Future looks bright for Xbox fans. ;)

DarkVoyager47d ago


“Future looks bright for Xbox fans.”

It’s already bright for PlayStation fans. Enjoy waiting for the future.

danny81847d ago

MS is looking to take over living rooms via subscriptions. Their goal is different

Kribwalker47d ago

because they have changed the way they report their financials. They stated that they were moving to reporting MAU instead of sales years ago.....And with their recent moves, you can understand why. With Play Anywhere, gamepass and Xcloud coming next year, they are moving away from sales to a more service based business

DragonbornZ47d ago

Yeah Nadella changed it a little over a year after he became the CEO of Microsoft:

"We changed how we will assess progress," Nadella says.
Now, instead of the irregular updates on Windows 10 growth we've been gotten for the last year, mainly at Microsoft conferences and events, Nadella says Microsoft will share monthly active users on the operating system "regularly."

And I guess it just became the norm for them and extended to other divisions.

darthv7247d ago

you can keep complaining but it doesn't change anything. They are not going to report them and they have said that, a while ago.

DarkVoyager47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


“you can keep complaining but it doesn't change anything. They are not going to report them and they have said that, a while ago.”

Xbox fans flood PlayStation articles so I don’t see the problem. This isn’t a one way street.

conanlifts47d ago

If they started giving out numbers it would create as much hatred. They stated they would not give numbers, so going back on this would just see an outcry of people clammeriing how they only withheld them due to poor sales. The truth from a business perspective is that the sales numbers are less important than revenue and profit.

Obscure_Observer47d ago


"The truth from a business perspective is that the sales numbers are less important than revenue and profit."

Well said!

Vizigoth0447d ago

Sales = revenue or profit. Game Pass is insurance for just in case some games on Gamepass suck. Microsoft gets the Money no matter what garbage they put on their service. Kind of like Netflix. The difference with PlayStation Now is Spider-Man for example is their Developers won't get gimped and you will see Spider-Man 2. When Spider-Man has reached it's full sales potential then maybe if a deal is struck you'll find it on PS Now. Is Rare really getting good revenue? Not if all that money is get thrown to the next Gamepass game (Crackdown 3). I will eat my words and jump on this concept if an when Microsoft's recently acquired 1st Party studios churn out those must have quality games.

conanlifts47d ago

@vizigoth 04 "sales=revenue or profit"
Not exactly. In this case people want to see hardware numbers, which has less bearing on their profit than software. With revenue you can see it increase yearly and still be making a loss. It's fine if you have a long term plan and the funds to back it ( like Tesla or ms). But increasing revenue does not equate to increasing profit. With ms they are increasing their revenue and their target is future growth with a Netflix style service. This could lead to huge profits. In order for gamespass to succeed in the way they want they need high quality games. Whether rare gets good revenue might be irrelevant. MS can allocate an annual budget based on sales and expectations, rare themselves do not keep all of the profits, this goes to ms anyway.

gangsta_red47d ago

Not much more would be accomplished if they started giving out numbers.

As Krib and Dragonborn already pointed out they have changed their business model for now.

It's really pointless to keep asking for numbers when it's a well known fact that MS won't realease them for the reasons stated here and the more obvious sales wise.

King_Noctis47d ago

What do we do after we have the numbers? Invest in MS stock?

47d ago
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PhoenixUp47d ago

“reports indicated that the Xbox One X 1TB Black was the top-selling Xbox hardware item for 2018.”

I’m still surprised Microsoft were able to get more consumers to opt for the more expensive premium model.

Wulfer47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Really, your surprised????

Hear this clear, the Xbrand is no longer known for the following:

Lower power higher cost hardware
700p Limited Res. AAA games
Kinect 2.0
Pushing Media / TV first
No backwards compatibility
Limited investment in first party
Mismanaged AAA first party games that lead to cancellation (scalebound, fable)
Always online
Bad managerment/competing from the top - Don Matrick
Clunky unintuitive UI

That's why hardware is moving again.

Baza47d ago

Why get the standard Xbox console when games are plagued by performance issues and lower resolutions. If you’re getting Xbox, X is the only way to go.

conanlifts47d ago

Why, It is the most powerful and best place to play multiplatform games. So gamers who want the best experience on console will buy it. I would presume that those with the money for a premium console also own a ps4 as well.

Obscure_Observer47d ago


“reports indicated that the Xbox One X 1TB Black was the top-selling Xbox hardware item for 2018.”

I heard from armchair analysts that Xbox One X would flop. I´m glad that Xbox One X is nothing but a success and i think Phil will continue to invest on powerful consoles (Scarlett) and $500 will be standard for their next gen system.

j15reed46d ago

Just imagine if they took the hit and came out at $400, they would definitely move some units

Obscure_Observer47d ago


"I’m still surprised Microsoft were able to get more consumers to opt for the more expensive premium model."

A lot of PS4 owners are now Xbox One X owners as well. ;)

Gh05t46d ago

People like to own the latest and greatest (this is a general statement) and it really isn't that expensive of a luxury item product that many use weekly if not daily.

Its like people lining up to buy the next iPhone... People just like new toys.

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XiNatsuDragnel47d ago

Good job now solid number will be great for nextgen

michaelknight3547d ago

Will you be getting Xbox one x 2 or whatever name it will be call for next generation

blm50447d ago

I am especially if it's leagues better than Da X which currently my best console I ever bought

darthv7247d ago

"Xbox software and services revenue grew 36%, primarily driven by third-party games"

well no kidding seeing as their first/second party offerings were pretty paltry.

NeoGamer23247d ago

I don't think the offerings have been bad per se this year...

Sea of Thieves... Only really hit for a lack of content.
State of Decay... Rated lower then the first game, but the first game didn't rate great either. It is an XB cult game
Forza Horizon 4... Currently at 92 on Metacritic. Only two points behind God of War and five points above Spider-man.

Yes, Microsoft still has work to do to improve first party. But the direction is the right one. And yes I know Sony had a ton more exclusives. that is not my point. The point is the direction is improving. Ramping up first party takes years.

michaelknight3547d ago

Yeah i agree hopefully next generation Microsoft will have more 1ps then this gen that will do well for them

Concertoine47d ago

1.5 for 3 isnt a good score.

NeoGamer23247d ago

I am not sure I said they were doing good. In fact, I said the direction is the right one. But that doesn't mean they are doing good yet.