It's Time For a New Midnight Club Game From Rockstar

GR: "It has been far too long since we’ve got to play a new Midnight Club game. It has now been a decade since Rockstar San Diego released Midnight Club: Los Angeles for PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP. When its open-world racing title came out, it seemed like the natural evolution of the PS2-era street racing titles that were all the rage. The map of Los Angeles was massive (it was bigger than all three of Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition‘s cities combined), and there was more variety than ever before in terms of car customization and race types."

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PhoenixUp649d ago

It’s time for Rockstar to make more new games period.

Ever since 2013, this major publisher hasn’t released a new game outside of releases. They’ll finally do so soon with RDR2, but that’s only one new game in 5 years.

We don’t even know what future titles this massive publisher has in the imminent future, which is unheard of for a publisher of that size or of any size. No other publisher could get away with that.

thatguyhayat649d ago

That maybe true but red dead redemption took 8 years to make and from what we've seen it looks fantastic. You dont want them to be like Activision and EA do you

LucasRuinedChildhood649d ago

If Rockstar's output is more akin to their output from previous generations, that's not going to make them like EA or Activision. Quite the opposite.

EA and Activision make far less core games now as well. The disparity between PS3 EA and PS4 EA is crazy. The PS3-era EA actually made a large variety of great games in spite of their questionable business practices

PhoenixUp649d ago

@ that

You think every publisher that offers multiple quality titles a year will end up like Activision or EA?

Rockstar released multiple games last generation and that never happened, so idk why they can’t do the same thing this gen. Yeah a game can take a long while to develop, but that shouldn’t mean they don’t release any other games as a publisher in the meantime

Relientk77649d ago

I remember loving Midnight Club 2 on PS2

RizBiz649d ago

F*ck yeah. Still the best racing game ever made.

DaFeelz649d ago

Loved MNC: LA. I’d take a remaster of that any day

RizBiz649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

I definitely agree that we need a new Midnight Club, but I don't really trust Rockstar to be able to pull it off. The last couple entries were awful, and after seeing what the did with the dumpster fire that is GTA Online I can only presume they'll try to pull the same BS.

King_Noctis649d ago

Midnight Club LA was not that great. If they make a new one, I hope they make something similar to Midnight Club 3. That game was the best in the series, at least for me.

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