Red Dead Redemption 2: The inside story of the most lifelike video game ever

GQ go behind the scenes on Rockstar Games' most ambitious project ever.

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coffeemaster1799d ago

People would probably get offended over every little thing in GTA 6 lol

MoshA1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Im worried about Bully 2.
Unlike GTA it's actually interesting.

Count_Bakula1799d ago

I hope/can't wait for R* to slice and dice college campus culture right now. Thin-skinned whimps. R* is untouchable to me like South Park. Don't be swayed by these selfish, entitled brats. Keep making your fiction and entertainment.

petisobew1799d ago

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Dfooster1799d ago

It's becoming cool to hate on gta. It won't work

Ashunderfire861799d ago

With the recent school shootings Bully 2 may not be a good idea. I would hate for that game to take the blame.

b163o11799d ago

Guy's we are missing a major point, a founding member of R* just said GTA 6! That let's us know that a story is being discussed, and it is alive. Granted it's still in its infancy, but that's big IMO...

RizBiz1799d ago

@Dfooster If GTA V was actually great I wouldn't hate on it. Unfortunately it's an empty game that's still missing content that was promised before launch. It isn't terrible; it's a decent 6/10 experience. 100% of their focus went into GTA Online (ironic, since it was garbage when it first launched... though I suppose it still is....), which left the base game extremely lacking.

ChrisW1799d ago

Bully was boring. I gave it a good try, but it just didn't catch my attention.

GTA has one thing that triumphs over Bully... Open world. The ability to do anything you wanted when you were temporarily bored with the main game.

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Soc51799d ago

Actually maybe that's a good thing, it would offend some people sure, but it would get so much publicity that it would sell a ton, like most pieces of media/entertainment that make the news. Think of everything the politicians are getting away with these days, people get offended, talk about it a little and then move on, without any real repercussions. Maybe it would be just like that and they would make a ton of cash just for being offensive. I mean that has been their move in the past.

Forn1799d ago

There will be somebody somewhere that will get offended at something in RDR2 as well.

FinalFantasyFanatic1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Remember that hot cofee mod thing, yeah... It'll be worse for more minor things.

DarXyde1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

GTA V went after liberals pretty hard. Ever watch the superhero tv show Impotent Rage? Dear lord, that was incredible.

I don't think Rockstar should care, honestly. I get that politics are highly polarized right now, but this is a great age to laugh at everyone: in this case, liberals are whiners and conservatives are insane. Plenty of jabs to go around. And is Rockstar really pretending they can't update the radio stations to vibe with current news? Even if it's a few weeks later, the jokes will keep coming.

RabbitFly1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You think impotent rage went after liberals?

And you think that somehow makes the game go after liberals?

I guess you cant really blame people for not getting it. Gta has always been misunderstood in its appeal.

Gta has always been anti-American on its satire. No matter which way the pendelum swings.

I do think calling a game that features characters like trevor anti-liberal quite ironic though

DarXyde1798d ago


That was a specific example of GTA V going after liberals. And yeah, I would definitely say Impotent Rage went after liberals. It went after Clinton too on the radio stations.

In no way am I suggesting they're being partisan.

Tross1798d ago

@coffeemaster All the more reason why GTA 6 has to happen.

Orionsangel1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

RDR2 will give us a good idea of where Rockstar is headed with GTA6 in terms of graphics and interaction with the AI.

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fluxmulder1799d ago

He's got a point. Imagine releasing GTA5.. or even something like Manhunt.. in today's SJW outrage culture.

Nyxus1799d ago

He's talking about both sides:

"Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry."

generic-user-name1799d ago

Yeah but you're free (and encouraged) to criticise the right by the main stream media, not so much the other way around.

2pacalypsenow1799d ago

That’s because the mainstream media and Hollywood are run by liberals.

Count_Bakula1799d ago

and R* shouldn't give any sort of a shit either. All fiction is allowed to exist. People need to take responsibility like the rest of us and simply not engage something if it bothers you. Don't. Fucking. Buy it. if you know it's not something you'd like. People right now want things to not exist because it bothers them. That shit's simply insane.

bloop1799d ago

If only it were like that, only the idiots that don't like it don't want you to buy it either for some reason. I really do worry for the future of GTA games though. There's so much insanity over everything these days I can only imagine the circus that will surround GTA 6 when it drops.

PhantomS421799d ago

Jeez, yeah. Manhunt got a lot of heat with both releases, it wouldn't survive in this day and age.

sander97021798d ago

Seem like you forgot the outrage over hookers in GTA V and the fact that you could kill them. Oh boy that was something...

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hench071799d ago

So no new GTA till Trump is out of office.

Thanks America...

thatguyhayat1799d ago

Meh its ok cause they're hinting bully 2 but im worried if they attack that game

No Way1799d ago

Well, I'd certainly would be in line for a Bully 2. No question.