Are There Too Many Fighting Games?

There is a lot happening with fighting games in 2018, and even more happening with fighting games heading into 2019. Fighting games have crashed before, and perhaps there are parallels between then and now. But at the same time, things are different. Spaces in general are more crowded.

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Sono42145d ago

yup, agreed, Cancel smash ultimate.

/s because I know some people will think i'm serious

PurpHerbison39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Why would you cancel a party game? Not enough high quality party games out there. ;p

blawren446d ago

If they are selling, then no. If they aren't selling, then yes.

ChrisW45d ago

With that in mind, there are way too many 2D fighting games--some good and many bad.

As for games like SC, Tekken, and DoA... I don't think there are enough. But maybe that's actually a good thing!

PhoenixUp46d ago

Are you going to ask that for any genre?

FallenAngel198446d ago

Couldn’t you apply that question to any genre?

It’s not like there’s a set rule on how many games in any genre can be allowed to have at any time.

Apocalypse Shadow46d ago

There aren't any new fighting games that advance the genre. Same fighting games with a new look and a new hook. But the same gameplay. Not one company wants to try and move the fight genre forward.

The animation and contextual events we see in Uncharted and NBA2K we don't see in a fighting game. Just more juggling and light effects from a punch or kick. Eventually that gets old.

I've played fighting games since it started. The new ones either play like mortal kombat, street fighter, doa and tekken. Never changes. Virtua Fighter was close in the fighting styles. DOA was close in the rock,paper, scissors. And then it just stopped. No advancement. No new game engine.

I await the day when the fight genre plays like this

The games would still have the same punch, kick, block, grab, jump and parry. They would still have difficulty level option, but also fight speed option until fighting becomes muscle memory. We have enough buttons for left and right punch,left and right kick. Never used. Why is that?

When we get good at the new fight engine, then we'll be playing like this

Doesn't anyone else want to see that happen?

Eien45d ago

Sorry but for someone claiming to have been with fighting games "since it started" you've said some pretty retarded comments. You don't understand why fighting game systems in a series has to stay the same or similar. We've had some huge advancements in fighting games but they have to play similarly for a point of entry. If you make them too complex then new people can't get into them, there are plenty of indie fighters that try for real realistic fighting and guess what? THEY'RE NOT FUN.

As a final statement to show how moronic this post is:
"but also fight speed option until fighting becomes muscle memory" - you never played a fighter at high levels of play if you don't think you need muscle memory to play current games at high level ...

"We have enough buttons for left and right punch,left and right kick. Never used. Why is that?" ... TEKKEN, you even brought it up in the fucking post, that's what Tekken does. ugghh, my brain died reading this.

You have no idea what you're talking about and clearly have no idea about fighting games. You're like the morons who post in pro player youtube videos saying how you know the game better then them while never playing ranked.

Apocalypse Shadow45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Actually, you're the fools who don't see that you're playing the same games over and over. I'm well aware about how tekken plays. And it still plays the same way as it started in the arcade and on PS1. Minor tweaks aren't new. I wasn't just talking about that game.

When Fighting Street came out, it was different than karate champ and yie ar kung fu. But when capcom overhauled the game into Street fighter, it changed the game immensely.

But keep paying and playing the same game idiots. That's how they hook modern fools like you and prince. You're just like those madden buyers going out and buying the same game over and over with just a new hook.

Got two children that don't know any better with their minecraft, fortnite brains.

You talk about keeping the entry level easy. What you're saying is don't advance the fight engine. Keep the engine dumbed down for button mashers like you.

Prince-Ali45d ago

to further piggyback on what @Eien said above... you're a dumbass! loooooool

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