Can anyone justify microtransactions in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Joe from Button Bash Gamers asks what the reason was for Ubisoft to include microtransactions such as XP boosters in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and whether they've had a negative impact on the experience of the game

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Marcus Fenix2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Can anyone justify microtransactions in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?


Assassin's Creed: "starter pack edition" 59.99$
Assassin's Creed: "deluxe edition" 79.99$
Assassin's Creed: "virtual random box edition" 99.99$
Assassin's Creed: "the gods love you edition" 149.99$
Assassin's Creed: "I can't believe there's no extra value edition" 199.99$
Assassin's Creed: "ok, we need to rip you off edition" 249.99$
Assassin's Creed: "I have no life edition" 299.99$

Segata2095d ago

May as well be tokens for Chaturbate

Gardenia2095d ago

The problem is that we the gamers don't know if they intentionally cut content out of the game so it good be used for microtransactions. And then you pay the full price of a game, but not have it

Bleucrunch2094d ago

lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao Oh man this was SO GOOD. I agree if one spends 300 bucks for a video game You really do have no life....The scary part is some people will pay for things like this....idiots!!!

DerekTweed2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Why did you list the game price in Pound Sterling and then list the time saver price in U.S. Dollars?

I have played Spider-man and I was max level after 20-25 hours and already finished the main story.

I have AC:Odyssey and I just reached max level after 55 hours, Story was finished around 47 hours, not including cultists and the mythical part ;). If I had the XP boost I would have got to max level 1.5 times faster. but the story would have still taken me 47 hours.

I still have loads to do in AC: odyssey, if you don't care about doing side quests this is not a game for you, otherwise you have the option for an XP boost. I imagine I'll be 100% around the 80 - 90 hour mark.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the progression system and XP is awarded generously for many different missions, bounties, contracts, discovering location, completing location objectives etc. In fact I was over-leveled for the main quest mostly be 3-4 levels for most of the game, but only because the enemies will rise with you but only seem to stay about 4 level behind you at most.

I have 300,000 drachmae right now, the other resources I had thousands of but spent most to upgrade my gear to level 50.

Hardiman2095d ago

I've had no issue obtaining resources and leveling up. I love doing side stuff and experiencing all the world offers. I have no idea why a person would spend more money on the game after the initial purchase but I also don't know why Ubi is loading a SP game up with these terrible practices! Well I do it's greed but it's still bullshit!

neutralgamer19922095d ago


Hell to the no. No matter what you or others say to defend this crap hell to the no

Shadow of war proved that the developers held back XP and general progressions that's why they balanced the game via patch when they removed MT

ACO filled its open world with generic side quests in hopes of frustrating gamers into paying for boosters. Witcher 3 came out 3 years ago and is still a much much better RPG than ACO. The side quests in that game could pass for main story missions in ACO

It's gamers like you who are responsible for EA, ubi and Activision making billions yes billions from MT. Instead of calling out the BS gamers like you go out of your way to defend it

Saying things like it didn't affect you doesn't equal to it won't affect others. Instead of filling the game with boring quests and than forcing gamers to do them how about give us less content but better quality

But don't worry it sold so well I and gamers like me are in the minority. But enjoy this because soon enough almost all single players games will have MT

ACO offers MT like a free to play game and that is a fact

For me AC ended with AC2 TRILOGY

RememberThe3572094d ago

These games would actually be dope if people had higher standards, but they just loading the trough and y'all just keep eating.

neutralgamer19922094d ago

Thank You for the hugs

😜👻👍&# 128522;

Just sad where gaming industry is heading and even sadder is the fact gamers are defending these practices

They will only get worst as publishers will keep trying to push the boundaries to see how far they can push it before pushback

Soon enough I feel like $60 will be the entry price and more money will have to be paid to play the full version of the game

DerekTweed2094d ago

I've never bought a micro transaction in my life, I don't understand why someone would but obviously a lot of people do.

I never defended it, I was pointing out the fact that it is not necessary and that I don't think they hindered progression.

The point here is that not every game will be suitable for every player, I liked a lot of the side quests in this, as I did with The Witcher 3.

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blawren42095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

If it keeps game at $60, then I have no problem with microtransactions of the sort described. Paying to level up in a multiplayer game to gain advantage would be a problem, but in a single player game, there is no reason to for any of us to care.

Hungryalpaca2095d ago

Except when the game is artificially padded and levelling takes too long to “encourage buying MTs.

Yes it does affect single player.

warriorcase2095d ago

It's prerty easy to level up though. I'm almost lvl 35 from mainly jist doing the main quest and camps. For myself if I leveled up any faster it would feel like a straight cheat.

yomfweeee2095d ago

The game plays the same as Origins. No one complained about Origins.

Mithan2095d ago

And guess what, that isn't the case in AC:Odyssey

Doomster19712095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@blawren4 Microtransactions are not what keeps games at $60 (£55 here). Microtransactions are pure greed. You just need to look at the profits these publishers make to see this. EA/ Activision and Ubisoft all made billions off microtransactions this year. 1.73 billion euros for Ubisoft alone. Assassins Creed games have always made loads of money (without the microtransactions). Game publishers have pleaded poverty for years. Right now they use that as an excuse to put free to play style microtransactions into our already paid for games. In a few years (when the bottom falls out), they will find something else.

Dark_Knightmare22094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Yeah all those gaming companies that went out of business starting last gen were just lying about the cost of triple aaa game development while the price of games have stagnated at 60 for well over a decade

ShadowWolf7122094d ago

Yeah, most all of those gaming companies produced a straight flop that lead to closure and weren't huge Mega-Publishers.

And the fact of the matter is, MTs are not needed to keep games at $60. Development costs skyrocket when studios like Rockstar or Konami, for example, insist on developing tech that allows horse testicles to shrivel up in cold weather or take a dump in real time. These "features" add virtually nothing to the overall experience at all, yet money is wasted on them and then we're told that all games eat funding like that. Simply untrue.

And look at studios like EA, Activision, etc. They put out yearly iterations of half their IPs, a new CoD, Madden, FIFA, etc. every year, and every year it's the same game with very few tweaks but a LOT of MTs. You honestly gonna tell me those are necessary for those franchises to stay at $60? Latest CoD entry supposedly made $500 mil in a single weekend, does that mean we can ditch any MTs or see the overall cost of the games drop? Nope.

MTs are never a good. Their presence is inherently a negative.

Meanwhile, Sony's got primarily single player games and has avoided MTs in both Spider-Man and God of War and both games have not only been extremely profitable but 2 of the 3 best-selling games of the year. Don't seem to recall either of those studios or their publisher crying about how they can't make money...

ninerguy16082095d ago

Dude you know your gonna get a lot of crybabies for this comment. Lol

WitcheRivia2095d ago

Yes, just ask the people that play Rockstar's games.

AcidDvl2095d ago

The single player games from Rockstar have no microtransactions.

Dark_Knightmare22094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Yet it’s fine in mp which is even freaking worse lol oh that’s right it’s rockstar they can do no wrong so they may as well keep serving their cult fan base those 100 dollar shark cards while putting people who don’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money at a huge disadvantage because the grind is worse than anything you will find in ac odyssey I promise you that

AcidDvl2094d ago


You guys are thinking about GTV MP. The single player has no micro transactions.

Elda2095d ago

I'm enjoying AC: Odyssey & paying the MTs absolutely no mind.