WorthPlaying: Gears of War 2 Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Two years ago, Microsoft and Epic introduced us to the war-torn world of Sera, the unyielding force of destruction known as the Locust, and a ragtag band of warriors known as the Gears. Led by ex-convict Marcus Fenix, the four-man Delta Force cursed its way through the hyper-violent landscape and won a hard-fought victory. The game stood out from the pack thanks to its highly integrated cover system. Rather than simply run-and-gun, like most first- and third-person shooters, Gears of War required players to duck and cover, lest they be torn to a bloody pulp in seconds.

Alas, the respite was not to last, as six months later, the Locust returned with a vengeance. Rather than attack directly, the Locust forces began using a super weapon to sink whole cities and once again, only Delta Force can stand in their way. It's up to Marcus, Dom, Baird and Cole to hit the front lines and take the battle to the Locust before all hell breaks loose and the humans of Sera become extinct."

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