Ripten Hands-On: More Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Ripten writes: "20,000 years in the future mega corporations control the galaxy–and we mean the whole galaxy! There will be a lot of sci-fi flavored puzzle questing to be had, via many warp gates, when Puzzle Quest: Galactrix drops in Q1 of next year for XBLA, DS, and PC.

If you missed our E3 hands-on, check that out, but read on for an updated impression and a few details on crafting and other mini-games.

There are over 150 items in the game, and one way to attain them is through crafting. This mini-game uses the same (i.e. new) hexagonal grid set-up, with tiles that refresh depending on which way you drag them to match, but you'll be matching color coded materials in order to create specific parts listed in the upper right of the screen."

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