Red Dead Redemption 2 Getting Launch Day Patch, Video Embargo Revealed

Red Dead Redemption 2 is only a couple of days away and it has been confirmed there will be a day one patch and also, video streaming embargos will vary based on location.

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Avernus21d ago

Why can't they release the patch before launch? I mean the game's pre-loaded already. That means it can't receive updates till it's activated?

michaelknight3521d ago

I agree they should release the day1 patch a day before launch for people who brought it digital

playnice20d ago

I don't buy digital but I approve that message lol

Baza21d ago

That’s why it’s called Day 1 patch.

RememberThe35720d ago (Edited 20d ago )

It'd be cool if it was preloaded too so that the moment the game is available the patch is installed and the game is ready to go.

JackBNimble21d ago

From what I understand it's a 3gb patch

Sokol21d ago

That's quite a significant patch size. I will probably wait few weeks before purchasing the game.

Games of this size always end up with some problems requiring numerous important patches..

playnice20d ago

@Sokol I understand your point but I have to say this is not a Bethesda or Ubisoft game with loads of immersion breaking glitches at release... you're missing out on the early fun!

BrettAwesome20d ago

3gb? That's nothing. Some games download updates way beyond 20+ gb

subtenko20d ago

dang, ima just hardwire the ps4 for this

BrettAwesome19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Broke ass bitches with shitty internet disagree

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Casepb21d ago

Just hope it's not one of those games you have to actually start up to download and install even more shit. Those piss me off the most.

MajorLazer21d ago

I'm not too fussed. Just means extra polish and fixes. For those with crap connections & speed I feel for you don't get me wrong but this will (I presume) make the game better, even if it's subtle, though 3GB suggests otherwise :D

ps4fanboy20d ago

ok if you got a megabit a second download speed , if 50 gig , talking few hours here , be sleeping on it playing when i wake up n bake up :)

subtenko20d ago

well, we still dont have to wait to install the full thing right? not like we gotta redownload 90gigs

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Matrix621d ago

Just hope it's a relatively small Day 1 patch.

Plagasx21d ago

Can't wait to test out those horse nuts physics!

oof4621d ago

Yay! I finally finished preloading RDR2! (Reads about Day 1 patch) ....well, shit.

King_Noctis21d ago

From the article it states the day one patch is not required to start the game.

oof4619d ago

That would only work for physical copies. Anyways, moot point by now.

King_Noctis19d ago

I download the digital version and I didn’t even see any update pop up when I start the game.

rebeljoe1421d ago

Good lord more downloading

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The story is too old to be commented.