Oculus reconfirms “future version of Rift” amid PC cancellation rumors

Expect to hear more about PC VR "product and content... next year," Oculus says.

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ApocalypseShadow1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

The other article was nothing more than click bait garbage to rile people up and bring the naysayers out with their lack of knowledge of the matter on VR. Still bringing up garbage about 3DTVs and last gen motion controls that faded on **Wii** and **KINECT**. Sony is still using their motion controls, 3D movies can still be watched on all VR headsets from mobile, pc to console and are watched at the theaters. And VR has entered many industries beyond gaming. Something 3DTVs and motion controls HAVEN'T done. But, they still bring the doom and gloom. Why they want a simulation technology to fail that not only saves money on instruction,visual learning before hands on and entertainment is anyone's guess.

Yes price and size is a factor. But all new tech doesn't start off cheap. And they are quite bulky. Projection TVs, consoles, music players like boom boxes, brick phones, computers,etc were that way. Until they got smaller, sleeker and cheaper to buy. Why VR is not given this pass is also interesting. Makes me think some people are really clueless.

Facebook will have 3 products on the market by next year. The Oculus Go for the casual viewer who likes to consume media but only light on gaming. Oculus Quest for the gamer who likes gaming, but doesn't like to be tethered to a console,pc or use their mobile phone as the VR device. And Oculus Rift for the enthusiast gamer who likes the high end of VR with higher spec and detail.

3 second Google search(already knew this) tells you that they have completed what they want to provide for each type of consumer, and that there will be future products down the line. But naysayers will jump in with doom and gloom because they lack the knowledge and hands on of VR to come to their ignorant conclusions.

crazyCoconuts1007d ago

I've come to the conclusion that people that don't like VR are categorically incapable of enjoying themselves and lead unsatisfying and loveless, lonely lives.