Are Video Games Bad for Our Health?

Ok, sure, there are some health risks associated with games but most of those are avoidable. But how about the countless benefits?

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Apocalypse Shadow89d ago

Depending on your psychological makeup, videogames can be good or bad for you. But moderation should always be adhered to.

Also adding to the article, VR gaming can definitely add to the positive benefits for a person. Hand and eye coordination, dexterity, puzzle solving, exercise, social training when playing multiplayer, sharing of the headset with others, enjoyment, empowerment from being the center hero, education like in driving or flying games, etc. Which also should be done in moderation.

Smokehouse89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

No. Not at all. If you already have mental health issues then those are the issue, not video games. Video games don’t cause or cure mental health issues. They arent a scapegoat for people to avoid accountability either.