Red Dead Redemption 2 - how advanced AI and physics create the most believable open world yet

With Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar is pushing the boundaries once more - this time in a huge slice of the Western frontier. The secret? Reactive dialogue options.

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ibrake4naps22d ago

I wish next gen would quit trying to improve polygon, frames, and pixels, and put those resources on ai, physics, etc...

Dom_Estos21d ago


AI and actual game design. You know AI takes up literally kb's on a game's size. It's probably the most under developed aspect of gaming, and hasn't improved, and has probably gone backwards as each gen gets introduced.

Casepb21d ago

I don't know about backwards. PS1 and PS2 and some real stupid AI.

yay11121d ago

Better yet, be Rockstar, make the graphics incredible and make the most advanced ai and physics in an open world game at the same time

rockwhynot21d ago

I heard that when nvidia bought physX they made it their special proprietary software so amd cards can't employ... realistic movements in their cards. I heard that nvidia actually claims a lot of proprietary software techniques that prevent developers from implementing leading technologies into their game engines because they don't have an Nvidia sponsor and their customers won't nessecaryily be using nvidia cards.

KwietStorm21d ago

I damn sure hope that they do bring console frame rates into the 21st century, but Ai and physics has definitely been lagging.

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Plagasx22d ago

It's sooooooooo close now! I can feel it in my balls!

fiveby921d ago

LoL. You should get that looked at. /jk I am psyched too.

moomoo31921d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Your shrinking horse balls? Lol

Angelin21d ago

I’m so glad R* is pushing the industry forward (again). All big companies should innovate more rather than copy and paste successful formulas.

GoldeneyeOO721d ago

I'm SO EXCITED for this game!!!

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