Left 4 Dead meets Stranger Things from the creators of Bioshock 2? Yes please - GameWatcher

From GameWatcher: "There are three things the videogaming world needs more of: co-op games that aren’t about shooting things, games where you play kids in the vibe of Stranger Things or Stephen King’s IT, and more games from the makers of Bioshock. The Blackout Club combines all three."

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gangsta_red85d ago

Title had me at Left 4 Dead.

KwietStorm84d ago

Bioshock 2 ugh.. Sounds really cool though.

Smokehouse84d ago

It looked great the last time I saw it, e3 I think. Bioshock 2 was a great game. That team would have done much better if they didn’t have to redo rapture. They did great for what they had, I enjoyed it a lot and it’s solid mechanically. Extreme selfishness vs. extreme selflessness was a cool counterbalance imo. They made it work but an original setting would have been better. Left4dead is my favorite coop game of all time and I love 80s cheese. This game is going to be solid, I can already tell.