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SQXO: Considering Spider-Man The Heist works out at around £6.49 there is good value here. The story is a great addition to the main game and if you enjoyed the challenges and extras then there is plenty here to keep you busy for an extra few hours, on top of the couple of hours it’ll take you to complete the new story.

Spider-Man: The Heist is out now on the PlayStation Store.

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UCForce86d ago

I’m just downloading it now.

Ceaser985736186d ago

My download is done. I will play once all the DLCs are out. Till then busy trying to plat AC ody before Red dead 2 hit.

Jinger86d ago

So it's not just an addition to the main world? You actually have to access it from the main menu and then it cuts out the other open world activities besides landmarks and Backpacks? That seems weird.

UCForce86d ago

This DLC take place after the main game. It’s focus more on Black Cat.

thepetedog86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It has it’s own set of side quests, crimes, collectibles etc, just like the ‘regular’ world. I guess it’s set after the main game. I’ve put a few hours in so far (about 36%) - it’s good fun, if a little samey. I managed to get the season pass for about £10 too, so that helps.

UCForce86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Here the thing, if they put her as dlc character in the middle main game, I would agree. But it wasn’t. I thought the main story was satisfying and fee complete. Like I said, this dlc take place after and will focus more on black cat character. Just saying.

paintedgamer198486d ago

Finally, an above average review score... I was starting to worry about the dlc after much of things people have been saying.