Get this 1TB external hard drive for your PS4 or Xbox One for just $45

If you are planning on downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 this Friday and you know space on your hard drive is running out or damn near depleted, Amazon has you covered.

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jaymacx85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

45 dollars for 1TB? You’re better off catching BestBuy when they have the WD easystore 4TB for 89 .... 22 bucks a TB .. plus with Games being rather large this gen, you’re better off with a higher capacity.

Teflon0285d ago

Exactly what I did. I use a 4TB external WD on my Pro that I got when it was on sale in June. Paid like $90 or something

optimus85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

although 1tb is sufficient for the casual gamer (like me), you can get a 2 tb for $60 or less these days.... i still have just over 200gb of the 1tb i bought 3 yrs ago for $65 and that's only because there are games on there
i don't really play anymore that i just haven't bothered to delete even though i have the physical game. granted, i don't have a lot of games that are over 80gb either...

however, i feel a lot of gamers are this way, they buy more than enough storage even if they don't really need it....i may cave and get a 4tb if i find one for $60 on black friday just to plan ahead for the next gen consoles as I'm sure games will be as big as red dead, if not bigger.