8 Video Game Cliches that Need to Die

There are concepts so overdone in video games that they have become tired cliches. Here are 8 gaming cliches we think need to go.

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SickSinceSix86d ago

1 Video Game Website Cliche that Needs to Die:
Stretching list articles over multiple pages to drive up ad revenue.

Relientk7786d ago

I want to agree with this 1000 times.

Tetsujin85d ago

2. Sites complaining about using ad-blocker for revenue.

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chris23586d ago

the most annoIng cliché is kids who write articles about videogames and don‘t know the slightest thing about it but they do know how to produce clickrevenue.

TekoIie86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Silent protagonists do not need to disappear. Some games are better off crafting their narrative in a more subtle or intuitive way over just giving their MC a voice to say useless things. Also, you use Persona 5 as an example of a silent protagonist but then say Fallout 3 isn't a silent protagonist? Both games offer dialogue options. I'm aware Fallout 3's is far more in-depth but it still fits the criteria that you gave in the article.

Audio Logs? Really??? You know it actually irritates me when people bitch about audio logs and text logs found in games because I don't think they understand how easy it is to insert those for developers. Many games have used these to hide little bits of lore and story and there are examples of games like Alan Wake which would not be the same without them. Alan Wake literally has pages that will tell you events about to unfold before they've happened in-game and offered a perspective of another character. The issue from the author is that they aren't believable but 90% of the worlds we play in aren't believable if we're really going to make that a standard of criticism.

The Chosen One is not a video game cliche. It's a general story cliche found in movies, books and games which allows for an easy start to a narrative. The author uses Zelda as an example of the opposite too as though she's not a chosen person in the overall narrative just like Link throughout TLoZ timeline.

Unskippable cutscenes? Is this a cliche? I'm genuinely asking right now if it's a cliche or just a bad design flaw on the part of the devs...

Your Choices Don’t Really Matter is again another thing that's not a cliche. It's just shitty developers who don't know how to weave a story around the choices they offered.

Also side missions that distract from the main stories are a cliche? Don't play them if you feel the main story is more urgent then.

And now we finally come to one that's actually good: Excessive Amounts of Climbing/Traversal. Don't bother trying to have platforming/climbing as a mechanic unless its an important part of the game like AC. The amount of stupid times GoW1,2,3 insisted on those boring climbing segments is a waste of time. Just have a simple transition to the next section of the game because it saves you and me time.

PhantomS4286d ago

"Also side missions that distract from the main stories are a cliche? Don't play them if you feel the main story is more urgent then."

I agree with this. I personally like playing story before sidequests but I will do them. My biggest issue is when a developer will force you to stop the main story to do grindy sidequests to drag out the playtime on the game. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a recent game that is guilty of this. The main quest won't give you experience enough to play through so it forces you to stop and grind. Even old-school JRPGs aren't guilty of this.

TekoIie86d ago

That's an issue with the levelling system rather than side quests.

iofhua86d ago

Excessive climbing is the main reason I hate Dying Light even though I like zombie games. Some people seem to like games with climbing/parkour but I just can't stand it.

It's also one big reason why I prefer Oblivion over Skyrim. Skyrim has too many damn mountains! Give me a nice forest to get lost in and I'm happy. Climb a mountain? Nope.