Steam reaches new 18.5 million concurrent users peak

Valve has revealed some updated stats about Steam's user activity and health.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro22d ago

Having 18.5 million users logged in at the same time is quite impressive.

Shikoku22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

not really ps4 had 70 million last year.

Reefskye22d ago

that was 70 million in a month, not on at the same time.

Razzer21d ago


Read the article.

"Of course, when the concurrent numbers are this high, you can imagine engagement to be astronomical. According to the pair, Steam has 47 million daily active users, or 90 million per month."

Lon3wolf22d ago

"not really ps4 had 70 million last year."

Concurrent users (all at once) or total a month, as those are very different figures as of August 2017 Steam had 67 million active users a month and Sony/PS4 had the 70 million you mention?

haydenlake22d ago

Anyone can download steam and be online, doesn't mean they necessarily have the standard hardware. Xbox Live and PSN numbers are more substantial.

starsi36022d ago

U wot m8?

You make no sense. Who is going to be sat there logged into steam after downloading and installing it on a non gaming machine?

gammaray1322d ago

haha pc masterflogs fail yet again

wtf022d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Most people forget to turn off the startup on windows boot option.