Honest Gamers: Dead Space Review

Jeffrey Matulef writes:

"And that's really what Dead Space boils down to. It's competent, but generic. To answer the question I posed at the beginning of this review as to whether the game has enough originality to make it stand out amongst the crowd, the truth is it does, but not very often. When it sticks to its more original ideas; the zero-g environments, the severing of limbs with unique weapons, the lack of ammo, etc. it works very well. But it doesn't capitalize on these innovations as it should. It plays things too safe, resorting to repeating the same shootouts in the same corridors that would feel at home in any number of shooters. It's too afraid to really take any risks, like adding more zero-g environments, or cutting the game length in half (keeping all the good bits and doing away with the filler). There's still a pretty good action game at its core, but don't be surprised if the last few hours bear more than a passing resemblance to the first."

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ravinash4279d ago

I thinks its a case of if I were making this game, I'd do it this way.
Which is fair enough....but If you just sit down and play the game, I think you'll find that you will be enjoying your self.
I didn't find the game as scary as I hoped for, but I found the pacing nice with the big fights, slugging matches and bosses balanced with the puzzles and exploring.
Controls are solid and haven't seen any problems with the graphics.
Also the fact that you can upgrade your weapons, but there aren't enough materials to upgrade everything, so you have to really think of what you want.
Also a good back story, although I think the problem there was most of the back story is given away in the films you watch before you play the game.
Personally I would have given it a 8 or 9.

4279d ago