Fallout 76 BETA: A Note to Our Fans

As a development studio, we’ve taken a lot of journeys. We’ve tried not to repeat ourselves, yet all our games have a similar DNA. In 2015, we decided to try something very new, and very scary for us – take one of our worlds and make it online only.

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chris23587d ago

thanks, you can play that for yourselves. not touching this ToaS.

DarkVoyager87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Aside from being online only it looks like a hot mess.

Outdated visuals, bad animations, poor performance, and a fishing pole by the pond that you can pick up but not fish with. Really Bethesda? Smh.

Aside from all that I really like the building aspect.

UCForce87d ago

And people keep defending this game and saying the glitch is Bethesda “charm”. Ugh.

UltraNova87d ago

If reviewers dont call off Bethesda's shit over this time around that's it I give up. I mean what the hell is up with Bethesda and the press having immunity over bugs, ridiculously dated engines, blaming others for the lack of Cross-play then denying it themselves and questionable game decisions?

Eidolon87d ago

Looks like Fallout 4 online to me as far as visuals and animations, if you are calling that a hot mess, you are expecting too much. Yeah, i'd like them to change their engine, but... that's not going to happen until ES6. Going to buy this to play with my brother, not for an epic graphical single player journey,

UltraNova87d ago


Fair enough, but shouldn't that already be included in the F4 copies you and your brother (probably) already bought? Food for thought.

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InputTranslation86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

TOAS Tampereen Opiskelija-Asuntosää tiö (Finnish: Tampere District Student Housing Foundation)
TOAS Tactical Oceanographic/Acoustic Spreadsheet
TOAS Turd on A Stick
TOAS Technology Opportunities Analysis System
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TOAS Transcendental Organization of an Applied Strategy of survival (Kung Fu style)
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Take your pick. I think I know which one 😂

SuperJay18287d ago

Why does Bethesda get away with shit like this? Any other studio would be being ripped to shreds right now.

If they are that concerned that the game is a bit of a mess, then it should not be released. Simple.

I appreciate a studio can't always catch every single bug or glitch before release, I get that. But saying there is probably going to be a lot of bugs is an entirely different story.

It's great that they're trying new things and branching out, but this will do more harm then good if it causes it to absolutely flop (by fallout standards).

Perjoss87d ago

Frame rate feels bad on x1 x, I can only imagine how it plays on slim and non pro ps4

rand087d ago

“...the journey is up to you...” if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that as a “plot device” for an MMO. To me it roughly translates, “we were too lazy to write anything and figured we”d get one more cash grab before retiring our crappy last, last gen engine.”

UnHoly_One86d ago

Man there sure are a lot of Bethesda haters on this website… Jesus Christ…

What exactly did you read in that letter that I somehow missed?

I read a sincere letter from people that just finished a few YEARS of work on their new game, speaking of the vision they had for it and the hopes that people will enjoy it.

And I scroll down and see people throwing a fit about glitches, bad graphics, old engines, and some kind of conspiracy with review sites or something….

What the hell?

If CD projekt red had put out a similar letter before Witcher 3 came out, you’d all be going to get a change of pants and wiping down your keyboards right now, because of how amazing they are and how much they care about their games and their fans, etc, etc…

I mean seriously, if you don’t like Bethesda games that’s fine. I don’t care and I’m not going to tell you that you should like something that you don’t like. But to read that letter, and come up with some of the responses I am seeing… I mean wtf is wrong with you?

gwumper98786d ago

The letter itself is fine i suppose, not exactly a shock message prior to a games BETA. The issues that people have with the game is the things you listed (graphics, engine, glitches) and so much more. These are all things that people should absolutely should be criticizing.
If CD released this type of message before the release of one of their games people likely would receive it better but not all developers are equal. Bethesda's track record doesn't exactly inspire confidence with game performance, visuals, etc. and the Alpha footage looked rough as hell in every aspect. actually read those responses with out your Bethesda made rose coloured glasses and you'll see that they are fare criticisms.