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For now, The Heist is a fun little way to spend more time with the delightful gameplay, characters, and world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a complete, satisfying expansion on its own.

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Nitrowolf284d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I think the biggest issue I’m seeing with a lot of reviewers is that it feels like it should have just came out as one big package verses being episodic.

I really enjoyed this dlc and it sets things up for a larger story, but with each dlc being a month away I can understand why some would prefer to have the whole 6 to 8 hours story experience in one go versus being segmented.

lxeasy84d ago

Yeah I agree I think i'm going to wait for all the dlc to come out and then just play it all together.

sampsonon84d ago

something that is sold for $9.99 was never meant to be "essential:".

wwinterj84d ago

Yeah I mean Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone proved that..... oh wait.... nvm.

badz14984d ago

aside from Witcher 3's DLCs, what else is there that is similarly as "essential" for $10?

we get it that you love TW3. Those expansions are the exceptions here. they are not the norm. would be great if other devs and publishers do the same with their DLCs but it better to leave it as a wish for now. Driveclub had a excellent DLCs for its Season Pass and similarly awesome Bike expansion too. just so you know.

Nitrowolf284d ago (Edited 84d ago )

That example is moot when we’ve yet to see any other follow. As much as I would love to see other doing the exact same thing.

The closest we got was fallout for what they raised the price realizing it cost more to make bigger.

Nyxus84d ago

Also isn't the whole point of DLC to be optional?

Spurg84d ago

Not when you have a quest in the base game hinting at a riddler style boss reveal.
You can clearly see why the middle portion of Spiderman didn't have any boss fights that because they were removed from the game and sold as DLC. I wouldn't have mentioned that if they didn't have the black cat missions that went nowhere.

Nyxus84d ago

@ Spurg: stop lying. Insomniac has confirmed multiple times that nothing was removed from the game. The Black Cat missions didn't go nowhere, they were just optional missions and you ended up with a special suit when completing them.

Goldby84d ago


but the missions were for the suit. so it did go somewhere

King_Noctis84d ago

There are a few other games that have $10 dlc which add alot to the experience.

adaminoregon84d ago

This is why the savy consumer waits for the complete edition.

Abnor_Mal84d ago

I will be waiting to pick up all the DLC in February on sale, which has been my plan even before the main game dropped. Rather have a meal instead of being drip fed.

CaptainOmega84d ago

I understand the point of releasing the dlc's a month apart. It gets players coming back to play the game. Just make the DLC's contain at least three hours of story.

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