Professional 'CS:GO' Player Caught Cheating in Tournament

A professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and his team were disqualified from a tournament after the player was caught cheating during the live event.

Pro player Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat, a member of team OpTic India, was competing in the eXTREMESLAND Asia tournament when the game was paused to inspect his computer.

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BlackDoomAx89d ago

Omg... Cheating. On LAN. In an official tournament. Then trying to delete the files while the admin is here ! It's so fucking stupid. The exact reason i stopped playing FPS on PC a few years ago. If this situation is possible, imagine all the people that do it...

InTheZoneAC89d ago

Pc plebs like this cheater only reveal how much of a pos they are as a person

Scar-89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Exactly this is why I laugh at the people that believe there actually that talented. One of my brothers friends cheats at every game he plays and he has only been banned twice after doing this for around eight plus years.

raWfodog89d ago

And this is another reason why I mainly play SP games. While I do enjoy some MP games, I don't get competitive because you don't know if the other person is cheating just to boost their stats. I'm just playing to have fun but some people take it way too seriously.

BlackDoomAx88d ago

If they took it seriously, they don't cheat. They take it shittiously xD Come to console my friend. Even if it's not as competitive as PC, it's still fun :)

drpepperdude89d ago

Wow he even tried to delete it while the admin saw it lol, it looked like they were about to fight over that keyboard. If cheats can be applied even in a tournament environment imagine how easy it is in your own home playing public matches.

Gahl1k89d ago

Yup, one big reason why online shooters eat shit on PC.

stuna189d ago

That's just sad! A reasoning why I and possibly others don't play competitively online. No one likes their ass being handed to them moreso in situations like this.

raWfodog89d ago

Yeah it also sucks that he got the rest of the squad released from their contracts. If they were innocent, now their reputations are in question due to his actions. But something tells me that somebody else had to know what he was up to.

ArmrdChaos89d ago

Looks like the E-Doping era has arrived.

Spartacus1089d ago

The correct analogy would be to a referee checking equipment e.g. boxers gloves, footballers studs. But given the joke of a sport that e-sports is, they let the dude jump onto a competitive match with cheats installed on his computer.

Scar-89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

E-Doping is almost as old as gaming itself you had people cheating at arcades the second they went competitive.

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