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"One of the biggest issues sequels have to overcome is expectations." - JPS

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Immorals87d ago

Wish they'd focused efforts into one big dlc rather than breaking it up into smaller ones

galmi87d ago

then how will they maximize profit?

Immorals87d ago

I really don't think they had an issue with profit from this game, even if it was crap (which it wasn't) it'd make record sales on name alone.

I loved the game and how the story progressed, and short dlcs won't be able to capture the same thing

doggo8487d ago (Edited 87d ago )


That's why i'm only purchasing all DLC once the last one drops. Hopefully the other 2 will be on sale by then.

I don't really care about the price though. Insomniac are giving us more content (and people are fake complaining), which is exactly what i wanted, more Spiderman.

UCForce87d ago

Well, I think dlc will be solid, but I agree with you. I prefer Insomniac turn this dlc into expansion pack like Witcher 3 expansion pack and I willing to pay 20$ for it. No joke.

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Switch4One87d ago

Tempted to just wait for the Complete Edition like I did with Horizon Zero Dawn.

THC CELL87d ago

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