Resident Evil 2 Claire ‘Elza Walker’ DLC costume gameplay

Capcom has released another short gameplay video of the Resident Evil 2 remake showcasing Claire’s “Elza Walker” costume, which is included with the game’s Deluxe Edition. For those unaware, Elza Walker was the lead female protagonist depicted in the Resident Evil 1.5 prototype.

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naruga91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Capcom make it a complete Elza skin, with blond hair and different face....not just Elza clothes ...
Also you could easily completely reboot RE2 and make it true RE1.5 , dropping a lot of lame ideas that came with the secondary RE2 development (aka be more grounded like RE1 and not a bad written horror nouvela ..aka Chief Irons being a psycho , Ada being a spy instead of a scientist , etcetc )

pietro121291d ago

But RE1 (remake included) were both written like crampy horror movies.

NewUser10191d ago

Do we know why Claire looks nothing like Claire? She straight up looks nothing like she's always looked, like not even inspired by her or anything.

WorldGamer91d ago

Exactly, not like you could pick up on a lot of detail in the faces before. Some folks just like to complain regardless of what has been presented.

Hellbound197891d ago

IMO and I could be wrong, they are going for a more homogeneous look (Racially) for Leon and Claire. Maybe it gives it a broader appeal in other countries if they look less obviously caucasian. Like I said though that would be my guess. The CGI cutscene versions did look kind of cartoony in the original so they might also be just starting from scratch.

Pozzle90d ago

I think they're using the voice actor's faces for reference too.

Hellbound197891d ago

I miss the good ol' days when unlockable outfits were rewards for doing well in the game. It's really hard (as an old school gamer) to not get pissed off at how some DLC is handled nowadays. Today it's just ''Official launch trailer'' one day followed the second day with''Here's all the sh!t we're taking out to sell later'' Publishers and developers have become the equivalent of bratty, greedy children that just keep pushing your limits to see how much you'll tolerate.

jelloaceomega91d ago

I agree, I miss the days when the game reward you with your skills, and gaining bonus when you complete the game with a harder difficulty or beating the game quickly in time mode.