GameStop is offering a sweet deal on Xbox One consoles with Red Dead Redemption 2 purchase

Beginning on October 25th, GameStop is offering a hefty discount of $100 off a new Xbox One console with a purchase of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Srhalo91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Microsoft taking the loss in order to try to stay relevant.

DarkVoyager90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

You know what an even better deal is? Getting a PS4 Pro bundled with RDR2 for just $399.

Kribwalker90d ago

A Xbox OneX with RDR2 and Forza Horizon 4 (it includes bundles) for $459 is a way better deal than a PS4 Pro ad RDR for $399.
You get the most powerful console in the world, where you can play RDR 2 (amongst hundreds of other games) with the best graphics, and the best racing game of the generation for $60 more than a underpowered mid gen refresh, the PS4 Pro? That’s a hell of a deal

annoyedgamer90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

You could get the One X also, which is more powerful and has backwards compatibility.

Im no Xbox fanboy and readily dislike the moves they are making with XBL but to say that the Pro is a better deal is narrow minded.

Eonjay90d ago

Krib, it hasn't worked this far. Maybe the power thing was just smoke and mirrors to distract Microsoft from what is important?

kingfortoday90d ago


No dude, the better value is the pro bundle. 399. For 459 you can get pro rdr2 bundle and spiderman or god of war (greatest game this gen) ontop of having a big amount of new successful exclusives to choose from. Hard to pass up

Vizigoth0490d ago

Getting the One X would only be beneficial to purchase if Microsoft had a solid output of first party games to compliment it.

Jinger90d ago


Perhaps the marketing campaign has been smoke and mirrors, but the specs and the differences between 3rd party games certainly isn't.

doggo8490d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"A Xbox OneX with RDR2 and Forza Horizon 4 (it includes bundles) for $459 is a way better deal than a PS4 Pro ad RDR for $399."

"You get the most powerful console in the world, where you can play RDR 2 (amongst hundreds of other games) with the best graphics, and the best racing game of the generation for $60 more than a underpowered mid gen refresh, the PS4 Pro? That’s a hell of a deal"

hahahahaha is that your attempt to convince yourself the xbox one is better than ps4?? I think it's clear as day that the ps4 has a better games offering, i'm not even going to go into a list war, because everyone knows Sony has WAY better and more games. I'd say, if you're into games and enjoy playing the best games, Ps4 pro is DEFINITELY the best deal. Games like horizon zero dawn, uncharted 4, God of war, Spiderman, detroit become human, ratchet and clank, etc. are graphical powerhouses too, whether you like it or not, and up there with the best looking games this generation. I'd say Horizon zero dawn is the best looking game this generation.

-volt-90d ago

With fake 4k capabilities.

Elda90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

@Kribwalker No matter if XBOX is the most powerful,the most important factor XBO hasn't had any interesting unique AAA exclusive action,adventure or a fps in 2 years except for a racer & 2 or 3 indies.They have no current diverse library of AAA exclusives where the PS4 has been releasing top notch AAA exclusives every year for the past 3 years to this day. When it comes to current exclusives the XBO is irrelevant.

rainslacker90d ago

I somehow think that the people waiting to buy a console this late in the gen may not care that much about bc. They probably also aren't all that fussed about power and resolution, and may only buy a few games this gen.

Its.even possible they won't care that much about rdr2.

Shikoku90d ago


The only reason the power difference was important 5yrs ago was the Ps4 was more powerful had better exclusive, better third party preformance and it was 100$ cheaper making it the better value. The XboneX is not the better value even though it is more powerful because
1. the difference between most 3rd party Ps4P and xbonex titles boils down to 1440p vs 1800p and the average person isnt going to notice the difference between that when both are upscaled and 2. xbonex doesnt have the exclusives to support the 100$ price bump you need to pay to get an XboneX. Backcompat and 4k blue ray are nice but I stream just about all my 4k since I got rid of my data cap and I still have an X360 with all my favorite games so the extra hundo just to get emulated higher rez last gen and a small rez bump is not a good deal if you're really being honest about a purchase this gen. Ps4 or Ps4 Pro is still the better purchase hands down.

Muckspread90d ago

Where pricing is concerned.. the X1 deal is a bigger overall saving compared to the Pro deal.
Comes down to what console people want though. If I only had a base / slim PS4 and I had to choose, X1 without question.

Zenbaby36990d ago

@Kribwalker That's only a good deal to a smallish percentage of gamers, who plays racing games anyway? :(

itsmebryan90d ago


It's funny with everything you said didn't address the fact the X1X is much more powerful than the Pro.

gravedigger90d ago


Way better deal is Pro RDR 2 bundle + God Of War or Spider-Man for 460 ( Well, GOW is cheaper now )

trouble_bubble90d ago

XboX X can have all the vitamin X, direct X, X rated letter X’s sponsored by the X-men and Krang from dimension X - but when the exclusives are still as ugly jank as state of decay 2, what the X is the point??????

headshotfrosty90d ago

Or each person can be happy with whatever deal they want maybe? I mean.....

Eidolon89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Nah. Not if you're after 3rd party titles like RDR2, in which XB1X will look 50% better. it matters when you have a nice TV.

GaboonViper87d ago

LOL at those downvotes, and people say this is a Sony fanboy site.

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King_Noctis90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

So if they dare to discount their console (in this case, it isn’t even MS, its Gamestop) in preparation for one of the biggest releases this year it mean they do it to stay relevant?

I wonder what happen in the brain of fanboys sometimes.

rainslacker90d ago

Unless it's used systems, then $100 discount is likely sponsored by the this case, ms.

Game stop isn't going to lose a lot of money just putting stuff on sale for the heck of it. Unless they just have a bunch of extra stock they need to liquidate. Although black Friday sales would be a better time to do that

darthv7290d ago

@rain, GS already bought the units. They can do with them what they wish. It would be different if MS came out and made the announcement but it is this retailers choice to do so with their stock on hand.

yomfweeee90d ago

darth, just because GS bought the units does not necessarily mean they can sell them for whatever they want. Some times manufacturers have contracts in place that they can't sell them for less than a certain amount. I don't know if that applies here, but it could. With that said.... it still doesn't explain why Gamestop would choose to take a $100 loss on these consoles just because they have them?

In my mind, this is clearly a tactic that Microsoft is imposing because Sony has a deal with Rockstar for RDR2. Microsoft has done this plenty of times to counter those type of deals. They gave away Destiny 2 as an "unofficial bundle" when that was released for example.

Chevalier90d ago


You're correct. I worked for EB/Gamestop for 10 years and MS does indeed foot the bill. The price difference comes off the system so they can count the sales for the Xbox One and bump up the sales artificially. MS pays back Gamestop the difference. Its amazing how misinformed people are here thinking Gamestop is footing the bill. That has and never will happen. The system doesn't even make a $100 in profit so taking a $100 off doesn't even cover the cost of the Red Dead game at $59.99.

They do this promo EVERY year and have for the Xbox for the last 3 when ever the fall rolls around. Last year our promo was literally pick ANY full price game from the fall lineup free with Xbox purchase. When Halo 5 came out we literally handed customers who bought the game Tomb Raider for free. Both Destiny and NBA 2K games had the same promo, buy and Xbox get the game free. If it weren't for these promos running at every major release almost then the software sales would have been lobsided because 'free' just meant MS footing the bill.

90d ago
rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


Yeah. They brought the units already. And sure, they can do whatever they want with them....even give them away, or sell them for a $1 if they want.

But there are two scenarios here. MS is sponsoring a rebate for GameStop, where they are giving them a set amount of money if they sell the console, possibly along with the game. Or, GameStop has a lot of inventory, and feel this is a good way to liquidate stock.

GameStop makes about $15 on a new game sell. They make about $15-20 on a console sale. You think they're going to lose $70(their profit margin-$100 discount), because they just want to drive people in the door? People would have to buy a lot of peripherals, or quite a few used games to make up that much money.4

Manufacturer rebates are not uncommon at retail like this, and it's often the retailer who makes the annoucement. But it is possible that GS just has a bunch of X1's that aren't selling, and they want to liquidate to buy inventory for the holiday season. That isn't uncommon at all, but you wouldn't see something like that unless they were having trouble selling that product.

There's nothing wrong with MS offering a rebate. I'm sure they'll do another one for the holiday, and Sony will probably have some as well around Black Friday. Happens all the time, at any major retail chain.


When any price drops for hardware like this, a credit is usually given to the retailers for stock brought within a certain time period. So, the retailers would get that difference back. If this wasn't a $100 off sale, with so little required to get it, I'd say it was probably a store level sale, like we often see at any given time of the year.

But $100, with only requiring one game purchase....that's a fairly big loss for GameStop.

Larrysweet89d ago

Its true x is a huge flop deal with it a comsole that didnt even win its launch month

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darthv7290d ago (Edited 90d ago )

MS isnt losing anything, GS is. GS already paid for the units (and they dont pay retail for each one) so they can make their own bundle promos independently. In fact, pretty much all retailers have this ability.

Chevalier90d ago

MS sponsors them by giving back the difference. I worked for Gamestop/EB Games for 10 years so I would know. MS buys the games to so even though the copy of Red Dead or whatever game promotion by taking the games price off the system so it also counts a unit sale for the Xbox too. Its how they bump up sales for Xbox versions of the games.

When Tomb Raider was exclusive for example we had a promo where if you bought Halo 5 you got Tomb Raider for free. This kind of promotion isn't any differnt from those.

There's not even a $100 profit on the systems to begin with so there's no way Gamestop is taking a loss. MS gives that money back to Gamestop.

rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

So, in your infinite wisdom....what would compel GameStop to lose around $70 per sale doing this promotion?

In your infinite wisdom, how many of those bundles that all these retailers make actually have them losing money?

A small sum of money may make sense, because they'll hope to make it back on sales like peripherals or another game or two. These are called door busters in retail, and you see a lot of this around Black Friday. But $70 is a large sum to have to make up. That being said, most retailers don't lose that much on door busters, and those door busters are usually in very limited supply to drive people into the store hoping they'll buy other things. Very rarely is it something that is available for all who walk in the door or for unlimited supply, because undoubtedly, one can still buy this deal if they run out of stock.

You can keep thinking your right, but I'm sure this kind of information is actually available freely on Google. It's not like its a secret that this happens at retail. Hell, half the ads in your grocers weekly Sunday ad are sponsored in a similar way. If you want, I'll see what I can look up for you when I get home tomorrow and have access to a regular computer.

chrisoadamson90d ago

Good news story about Microsoft.. internet loses its shit

steven83r90d ago

This is a good news story? How? The Consumer is getting screwed and doesn't know it. It's very simple to see if you follow price trends. Xbox One S was $199 - $249 most of the year. This deal raises the price of the console to max release price, then gives you $100 off for spending $65. People should wait 1 month for BF. The X should be lower by then and S even lower.

spicelicka90d ago

Cool man I'll support them taking a loss in return for cheaper games. Enjoy paying more lol.

headshotfrosty90d ago

Smart business move. Always next gen. Here's hoping.

mandingo90d ago

You being a troll to stay relevant

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RizBiz89d ago

Stay? M$ is still relevant? Maybe in the US, but XBox is essentially dead everywhere else in the world. o_O

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steven83r91d ago

Wouldn't call this a sweet deal. $199 after discount plus $65 for the game. Wait for BF like last year. $170 or less for console.

annoyedgamer90d ago

Agreed, its really only a deal for the stores which can move a new console + game. But we don't have any guarantee as to what sales the the One X will have on BF yet since the ad scans have not been released.

Baza90d ago

Great opportunity for stores to dump their Xbox backstock.

WillyC00990d ago ShowReplies(2)
lxeasy90d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 with an Xbox One X is def the way to go on Console.

paintedgamer198490d ago

Its only going to have a slightly better resolution. Everything else will be exactly the same. And regardless if the xb1x is the better version, the base ps4 owners will make up a drastic majority of software sales.

lxeasy90d ago

no one is talking about sales. Talking about best Console to play this game on. The X

Ceaser985736190d ago

"Red Dead Redemption 2 with an Xbox One X is def the way to go on Console."
Nah! Getting a Pro is better. The gfx ain't hell of a difference which Xbox fanboys talk about. Also PS4 has better exclusives..

lxeasy90d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't an exclusive. And the X is stronger than the pro. None of your arguments make sense lmaol

paintedgamer198490d ago

Exactly lol. My fake 4k looks better than your fake 4k! Even if ps4 pro was 1800 cb vs... whatever the xb1x is... most gamers have spoken with their wallets. The xb1x needs to be the same price as the pro to even think about tipping a scale.

Ceaser985736190d ago

"Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't an exclusive. And the X is stronger than the pro. None of your arguments make sense lmao"

You don't follow how it works do you? I haven't said X is weaker than the Pro. Its Stronger But nobody will invest on X because of Power and Zero games. Most can play it in PCs and PS4 has added advantage over Xbox . I have seen most are buying the PS4 over Xbox because of Better exclusives. You don't believe me, Look at the sales... X hasnt made any impact..

paintedgamer198489d ago (Edited 89d ago )

About your comment below...

Dude you could tell that to xbox diehards until you are blue in the face and they still wont get it. They think playstation is winning because of media bias or because they were cheaper out the gate or some other bullsh!t a$$ reason... it couldnt possibly be because the console has more exclusives, or higher rated exclusives in more genres, or better monthly sub free games, or better user interface, or VR... couldnt possibly be any of those things... nope

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SolidGamerX89d ago

Maybe if you already own one but its not worth buying one for it.

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