Devil May Cry 5 Interview -- Developers Talk Nico, Gameplay, Reviving Capcom's Franchises, and More

Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno and Producer Matt Walker shed light on gameplay and characters, with an additional dive into nostalgia.

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FallenAngel198490d ago

“Many seem to get tired of the tried and true formula and want to see something new.”

I’d line to ask the interviewer what they mean by what they mean by people getting tired of an aspect of Devil May Cry

AK9190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Yeah lets not forget about how DmC was all "new" and how much people hated it and how poorly it sold, we just want pure old DMC with better graphics and more fluid gameplay.

AK9190d ago

Get rid of microtransactions please Capcom and don't go the living game route please if you do you'll lose alot of the goodwill you've gotten back in recent years.

DarXyde90d ago

I'm still going to wait and see. If it really interferes with gameplay, that's a problem. Otherwise, I can't be furious about a system I don't understand fully yet.

thatguyhayat90d ago

*The series had a bit of a divisive history over the past few years. Many seem to get tired of the tried and true formula and want to see something new*

Tired of the same formula? I want this interviewer to name the many* he claims. When they tried that with DmC it wasn't want fans asked for, not that i hated the game i enjoyed it but to have the cheek to say we wanted a new formula and got DmC and wanted the original back is blasphemy, others didn't like it cause it was a reboot of something that shouldn't have happened and wanted to see the events acter dmc2 as the series order is 3,1,4,2.