The 10 Xbox One exclusive games you need to own

The finest games that are only available to play on Microsoft's Xbox One and 4K-ready Xbox One X.

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parris28d ago

Gears of War is overrated af.

xHeavYx27d ago

I got my X One not long ago and tried the remastered 1st game and got bored pretty quickly. Having a lot of fun with Forza Horizon though.

sammarshall10227d ago

Do you know what would help Gears of War a lot: a new and varied melee system, a darker tone like the 1st game , and bigger set-pieces

Jinger27d ago

I love Gears. It's definitely not for everyone though. Such a fun co-op game.

Fishy Fingers27d ago

Horde is still one of the best co-op experiences going. Overrated it is not.

paintedgamer198427d ago

I just hope Gears and Halo get a reboot. Both franchises have become very stale. I def enjoyed Gears 4 single player and mp more than Halo 5's.

Jinger27d ago


I feel like Gears 5 will be a bit of a departure of what we have come to expect from Gears. Looks like we are getting open map areas and free traversal and such. Not quite the massive structural change we saw in God of War, but similar in the way they'll handle the world itself.

Halo Infinite... honestly who know. Rumors are saying it's going to be a Destiny like game. Some are saying an MMO. Some are saying it's going to be a massive open world game. Either way I'm expecting something new and different from Halo Infinite as well. that engine looked beautiful if that was an accurate representation of what we'll get in the next game.

paintedgamer198427d ago (Edited 27d ago )

An openworld sandbox Halo with co op would be amazing! I mean, they could still make the traditional Halo game but 343 have proven after 2 tries they arent great at making a Halo single player experience. They are best at making mp. I really wish 343 would just make a new i.p. and let someone else make a Halo. Does 343 have to be tied to making Halo games for the rest of eternity... i mean thats got to get boring. I say let gears dev make halo and halo devs make gears lol. Anything has to be better than H5 and G4. Halo 3 and Gears 2 are prob my faves. I can still remember how blown away i was with the first halo and gears... and i havent had that feeling of excitement from those franchises in a really LONG time

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nibblo27d ago

It's an awesome series.I play it like a 3D platformer with cover acting as a platform which I use to move across the arena. The bosses are top notch and I like the unashamed cheesy story lines. One of the best series I've played.

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NXFather27d ago

Campaign better than halo campaign.

Poopmist27d ago

The online is great, but very unforgiving for noobs.

spwittbold27d ago

Playing the devil's advocate: So is the entire Uncharted series.

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DarXyde26d ago

I really enjoyed the first. I'm not exactly a good judge of quality though since those types of games aren't really my cup of tea.

Though I am surprised they found 10 exclusives to list.

(Obviously joking, in case it needs to be said)

Vizigoth0426d ago

My biggest take away from Gears is when something dies the choice for graphic use is hamburger shrapnel. Very low budget.

iplay1up226d ago

Gears of War 4 is a very fun game. It also looks fantastic in 4K on X1X!

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PhoenixUp28d ago

Not only did PUBG make it on this list, it somehow scored #2.

Really now?

parris28d ago

It just shows how weak the Xbox line up is, half the games on the list are on Steam and another half of the games are from 2014/2015

Chris1227d ago

So one guys opinion = the Xbox communities opinion?

paintedgamer198427d ago (Edited 27d ago )

And most of the xb1 best games are third partys. Ori, Cuphead, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza (until ms bought them). I swear its like MS in intentionally trying to abandon the hardware biz. Next gen with streaming, there will be almost no reason for gamers as a whole to even invest in xbox. Its sad really.

King_Noctis27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

“I swear its like MS in intentionally trying to abandon the hardware biz.”

Forgive me if I’m wrog, but didn’t MS just acquired 5 new studios not too long ago? And there is a huge rumor going around that Obsidian is a part of MS also. Plus, they are having an XO event this year which will have even more announcements. So how are they abandoning anything exactly?

“Its sad really.”

What is sad? The fact that you act like a fanboy and ignore positive things that MS have done recently?

RizBiz26d ago

@King_Noctis Acquiring studios is only a positive thing when the acquired studios actually release games. M$ has a REALLY bad track record of acquiring studios only to cancel their games and close them down. Every single XBox exclusive this generation that looked interesting was cancelled by M$. Every. Single. One.

FallenAngel198428d ago

Sea of Thieves is the #1 Xbox One exclusive in this website’s opinion?

That’s all kinds of wrong

InputTranslation27d ago

Sea of Thieves could have been great but it was a big map with little other players and that made it stale, fast.

Jinger27d ago

Sea of Thieves has the potential to grow into something really good. There has already been some really good updates to it. It's just unfortunate that it is taking them a year to grow it into what people were expecting at launch.

Prettygoodgamer27d ago

And it's on pc ...where's the actual exclusives

KillBill26d ago

PS Now... Psst, a lot of so called Sony exclusives playable on it... on PC.

Prettygoodgamer26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


Pssst...Even if steaming a game was close to the same thing which it isn't, PS4 would still have about 14 times more exclusives than what's your point?

But thanks for playing cya, next time 👍

paintedgamer198426d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Whats funny af is only ONE xbox diehard in an xbox thread disagreed with you 😂😂. ONE!! LOL Sorry bruh more disagrees inbound

After a few hours with the game and formed my own opinion i hit up youtube and strictly listened to die hard xbox podcasts to see what they thought. Mooch, Nxtgen720, Luca, and Rand al thor were like umm this game is garbage... and i respected them for an honest opinion and knew for a fact... their tastes in games werent blind to a piece of plastic... at least not in this particular instance.

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Atticus_finch26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


InputTranslation27d ago

They managed to find 10? I have an xbox and can only name about 2.

CobraKai27d ago

Ha me too. Are they in the 10?

Jinger27d ago

I guess it's how you want to define exclusive. if it is Xbox One only then the list is pretty small. If you include "console Exclusives" then there is a decent list of games.

paintedgamer198426d ago

Yeah that just sounds ridiculous lol exclusive means exclusive... oh but my games are console exclusive! To everyone else with exclusive games are like... im pretty sure thats not a thing unless youre an xbox person.

Prettygoodgamer27d ago


So if you change the definition of exclusive there are more games ....who would have thought. You can't play COD on my smart fridge can we call that a ps4 exclusive ?

Jinger26d ago

Well a fridge isn't a console.

Prettygoodgamer26d ago

"Well a fridge isn't a console"

Neither is a pc but you get pc exclusives .....I don't get your point? If we can change what exclusive means just to help Xbox "exclusive" numbers why not my smart fridge ? Why not my mobile phone ? Why not my calculator?

AC odessey ps4 exclusive because it's not on my phone.

RizBiz26d ago

@Jinger That's just being unnecessarily elitist.

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