“Priest Simulator” is coming to PC on the 25th of December in 2019

The PC version of "Priest Simulator" will be issued at the end of 2019 – Ultimate Games S.A. announced (to be exact, on the 25th of December).

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Dom_Estos88d ago

I can see the comments already with this one.

TGG_overlord88d ago

I have a pretty good idea what the comments will be like as well...

Gaming10186d ago

OK OK, I'll start...

We all remember to press X to pay respects on Call of Duty.

Next year we'll be pressing O to stick a priest's dick into anything O shaped.

Ba Dum Tshhh

Eonjay88d ago

Pedophile jokes incoming....

TGG_overlord88d ago

It's bound to happen for sure.

SpringHeeledJack87d ago

Nah that's for the "religion of peace" their prophet is a pedo.

rdgneoz387d ago

Hey, be nice. Pedophiles have a hard enough time as it is fitting in.

Fist4achin87d ago

Players are forced to give offerings in the form of microtransactions throughout the game play.

mkis00787d ago

Dude everyone thought it haha

Dom_Estos87d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of Father Ted quotes, but OK.

Down with this sort of thing.

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ziggurcat88d ago

The power of Christ compels me... to not buy this game.

TGG_overlord88d ago

I like the movie "The Exorcist", but I don't know if this is anything quite like that movie.

MasterChief362487d ago

The Exorcist is my choice for best horror film of all-time. I first saw it in an anniversary re-release in theaters probably 8 years ago or something, and right with that opening steady shot in the desert with the cacophonous and haunting score, I know I was in for something special. Seriously. A stunning achievement in horror cinema, and I feel like barely anything has come even close.

Jackhass87d ago

This looks like...something.

Kabaneri87d ago

Will it have 1v1 online multiplayer confessions?

MrRet87d ago

lol you should suggest this idea to the devs

StormSnooper87d ago

The video shouldn’t be too far from reality.

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The story is too old to be commented.