Ghostbusters World is like Pokémon Go but with ghosts and turn-based fighting

In Ghostbusters World, you play as a ghostbuster with a mission – capture 150 (really?) different ghosts. Like Pokémon Go, the game encourages players to get out there and capture the different varieties. Also like Go, you can either play in AR or with generic backdrops when it is actually time to catch the creatures.

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NecrumOddBoy89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Not going to lie, that was a cringe trailer and Greg Miller is one the people in the games world that I find to be terrible (Kinda Funny Games has become a cesspool of crappy content and SJWs), but the game looks surprisingly fun. Pokemon Go really needs to add the turn-based fighting. That is honestly the only major thing that is holding it back.

RizBiz89d ago

That and no support Pokemon. Raids would be a lot more interesting if Pokemon like Chansey healed the raid party and Butterfree debuffed the boss instead of all just doing damage.