I'm Causing The Slow Death Of Gaming Magazines, And It Hurts

by Damien McFerran:
"Last week, we reported on the rather sad news that Future Publishing is closing its GamesMaster and gamesTM magazines, a pair of UK-based monthlies that, between them, have amassed an incredible 40 years of multi-format coverage. The former launched way back in 1993 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was reviewed in its first issue, in case you need to give that year a frame of reference) while the latter arrived just under a decade later in 2002. It carried a comparison of the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube – the key machines of the era."

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bigmalky86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

And it's a shame that online games journalism is so predisposed with social controversy, rather than sticking to the base subject of games, and how fun they are.

I'd prefer if more were like Game Informer and stuck to the basic elements of gaming again. So many sites I don't visit anymore and paper mags have all but died due to low sales.

It really is a travesty.

chris23586d ago

i can’t say i will be missing physical magazines, but i miss journalism, too. the quality of articles reached an alltime low.

in the past they made their money by learning the chops of the business and selling ads for their magazines. today every legasthenic is able to post a blogpost and all that counts is the clickrevenue. this mentality shows and it‘s offpushing to say the least.