The Most Anticipated Upcoming VR Video Games

Get ready to dive into new worlds on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

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Mostafeto1065d ago

VR had so much hype at first then suddenly everything died down, I hope these games help it.

Babadook71065d ago

There’s still great games coming out and still hype. See Astro Bot and Firewall Zero Hour.

Phoenix761065d ago

Some good titles there. Surprised though they didn't borderlands 2vr to that list. Due this Dec or mention about ace combat or the upcoming fps combat shooter WarZone (aim support) or vacation sim etc etc. Loads of titles in the works

porkChop1065d ago

Stormland, Lone Echo 2, and Defector for me. Especially Stormland, that game looks awesome. Oculus have been funding some really great games.